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In Tree of Tranquility, you can get ores from the two mines, Ganache Mine and Gelato Mine. In general, the farther down you go, the better ore you can get. If you take ore to Mira at the Blacksmith's, she'll refine it for free, and sometimes, you'll get metal, which you can use to upgrade your tools, as well as make accessories with. When you get ore, it will sometimes have sparkles. If you refine an ore with sparkles, you'll get metal. If you refine an ore without sparkles, you'll get scrap metal, which isn't useful for anything. Ocassionally, you can find Junk Ore in the mines; this always refines to scrap metal, so it has absolutely no value. The ores that you can get are: Junk Ore, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Gold Ore, and rarely, Rare Ore. You are more likely to get good ore if you go farther down.

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