• "If you decide to do something, you have to see it through until the end. Everything comes down to whether you do it or not, right? It's better to finish things and feel good about it, than not to finish and regret it."
  • "What do I wish for? I want to stay strong even when I get old, just like Ramsey! I want to always be able to take care of and protect the people I love!"
  • "It's great when work gives you a sense of fulfillment. When I am not working, I ride horses. I also really enjoy a drink at the bar after a hard day's work."
  • "There might be a lot of things you want to do, but you might not have the time. Just take it slow at first. You don't have to do everything in one day!"

Romance Quotes

  • "I meet you and talk with you, but at the end of the day, we have to part ways. It doesn't feel right. I feel like I want to be with you all the time."
  • "If there is ever anything bothering one of us let's work it out together. Never carry the burden alone! Promise me, okay?"
  •  "What's up? It's pretty cold tonight, huh? I like meeting up with you at night. I feel like I can be more...honest. Aren't you cold? Come closer. I'm a warm guy."
  • "Time goes by so fast when I'm with you. I wish I didn't have to say goodbye to you each time. ... What am I thinking? I'd like to be with you forever. So be prepared."

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