Gliphoth's Underling[1]
Family Marmela (Sister)
Dew (Brother)
Seiyū Rina Satou
"Well then, what should I do next? Look out for it, Piero."

Parmela (パルメラ, Palmera) is a character in Return to PoPoLoCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale.

Marmela's sister. Part of the greeting party that awaits Prince Pietro on the other side of the transport circle to help acclimate him to life in Galariland. Has a very peppy attitude and always strives to have fun in everything she does – though she gets fiercely competitive with Dew, and often has trouble seeing eye-to-eye with Marmela.[3]


  1. グリフォトの手先
  2. さ〜て、次はどうしよっかな〜♪待っててね、ピエトロ♪

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