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Pierre (IoH)
Birthday Spring 13
Rival Natalie
Unlock By See page information.
Moves Out When Ignored for 30 consecutive days, and do not ship any cooked items for 30 consecutive days.
Appearances IoH, SI, GB, ToTT
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Pierre is a marriage candidate in Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness.

Pierre loves anything that has to do with food. He considers himself a human cookbook (even though you can't learn any recipes from him), and travels the world in search of rare cooking ingredients. When he moves in, he will live in East Town, across from Lanna's house.


  • Upgrade home to medium size.
  • Unlock 20-25 sub villagers.
  • Upgrade Diner/Cafe
  • Learn 5 cooking recipes.


Tuesday through Sunday (Forest unlocked)

  • Pierre's House (6AM - 9AM)
  • Forest (10AM - 3PM)
  • East Town (4PM - 6PM)
  • Pierre's House (6PM - 6AM)

Tuesdays through Sunday (Forest not unlocked)

  • Pierre's House (6AM - 10AM)
  • Beach (11AM - 2PM)
  • General Store (3PM - 8PM)
  • Pierre's House (9PM - 6AM)

Tuesday through Sunday (Jungle unlocked)

  • Pierre's House (6AM - 7AM)
  • Jungle (8AM - 4PM)
  • Pierre's House (5PM - 6AM)

Everyday (Raining)

  • Pierre's House (All Day)


  • Pierre's House (6AM - 9AM)
  • East Town (10AM - 12PM)
  • Cafe (1PM - 4PM)
  • Diner (5PM - 8PM)
  • Pierre's House (9AM - 6AM)


Gift Preferences
Favorited Finest Curry
Loved All Cooked Dishes (except Carrot Juice, Grape Juice, Grilled Mushrooms, Relaxtea Leaves, Spa Boiled Egg, Bodigizer, Hungerizer, Failed Dish)
Liked Oil, Strawberry, Edamame, Rice, Rice Cake, Orange, Turnip, Pumpkin, Raw Rice, Raw Wheat, Raw Soybeans, Curry Powder, Soybean Flour, Cabbage, Milk, Cucumber, Fish (S), Wheat, Wheat Flour, Yam, Shiitake, Potato, Rice Flour, Buckwheat Flour, Fish (L), Soybeans, Eggs, Onion, Cheese, Fish (M), Chocolate, Corn, Tomato, Eggplant, Seaweed, Carrot, Pineapple, Banana, Bread, Bread Crumbs, Pepper, Grape, Spinach, Matsutake, Mayonnaise, Miso, Peach, Yogurt, Apple, Spa-Boiled Egg, Carrot Juice, Grape Juice, Grilled Mushrooms, Relaxtea Leaves, Grape Soda
Neutral All other items not listed.
Disliked Blue Magic Flower, Red Magic Flower, Empty Can, Fall Sun, Adamantite, Amethyst, Alexandrite, Stick, Stone, Emerald, Golden Lumber, Orichalc, Pirate Treasure, Gold Ore, Silver Ore, Copper Ore, Junk Ore, Yarn, Mythic Stone, Fish Fossil, Fish Bone, Weeds, Sandrose, Material Stone, Diamond, Toy Flower, Topaz, Bird Feed, Rubber Boot, Lithograph, Spring Sun, Summer Sun, Winter Sun, Bottle, Pinkcat Flower, Pink Diamond, Peridot, Pet Food, Flourite, Mystril, Moonstone, Moondrop Flower, Agate, Lumber, Wool, Ruby, Bodigizer, Bodigizer XL, Hungerizer, Hungerizer XL
Hated Fodder, Failed Dish
Horror Toadstool

Heart Events

Purple Heart Event

Popular Pierre

» Walk from W.Town to E.Town » 6:00 am to 10:00 am » Sunny, Clear, or Cloudy weather » Eliza is living on the island » Pierre at or above a purple heart color

Near Pierre's house, Charlie and Eliza has called out the gourmet from inside of his house. Pierre is very busy, and doesn't appreciate the two children bothering him again. Eliza wants to play house, with herself as the mom, Charlie as dad, and Pierre as the child!

Pierre is distressed until you appear. He asks if you can do something about these two!

» I'll help because you're cute

You intervene and talk to the kids. They are disappointed that they can't play with Pierre today, and they'll just have to play later.

After the kids leave, Pierre thanks you for the help. He didn't really want to play as the child of the pretend family!

+FP to Pierre. Move on to Blue Heart Event #1

» This should be interesting to watch

Pierre hesitates, even though Eliza is trying to get him to hurry and go with them. He finally objects because he does not want to play as the child! Pierre is very busy and he abandons the kids to go back inside his house.

-FP to Pierre. Move on to Blue Heart Event #2

Blue Heart Event #1

Gourmet's Training

» Walk from W.Town to the Beach » 10:00 am to 4:00 pm » Sunny, Clear, or Cloudy weather » Pierre at or above a blue heart color

Walk into the Beach and you'll find Pierre down at the coastline. He's counting the waves that are coming in from the ocean. Pierre explains that it is one of the training methods used for apprentice gourmets. Even climbing cliff using only ones bare hands helps to increase power when wielding a knife. He also has to cram his mouth with food, while blindfolded, to train his sense of taste. Pierre also has to order everything from a restaurant he's visited for the first time!

» That's a lot!

Of course, it's common sense for those who are apprentice gourmets! You can help him with training, because he needs to see good and bad ingredients in order to train his eyesight. Pierre goes back to counting waves while you quietly sneak away.

+FP to Pierre. Move on to Yellow Heart Event #1

» Is all that meaningful?

Of course it is! It helps his eyes train to detect good ingredients versus bad ingredients. He ask you to leave so he can continue his training.

-FP to Pierre. Move on to Yellow Heart Event #2

Note: If you build the bridge to the Forest before triggering this event, Pierre won't be at the beach. Work on building the bridge to the Jungle so he visits there instead of the Forest. Then go to the Beach to trigger the event, even if he isn't there.

Blue Heart Event #2

Pierre's Hat

» E.Town's Diner » 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm » Any weather » Monday only » Denny and Lanna must be living on the island » Pierre at or above a blue heart color

Inside of the Diner you'll find Lanna and Denny having a disagreement. Lanna is insisting that something is really in there, and Denny thinks that might be unnatural and that can't be what it is. Their conversation seems rather vague and confusing. Lanna notices you've come into the Diner and sweetly tells you she has a request.

Meanwhile, Denny has gone over to Pierre, who has been sitting at his table all by himself. The two of them start to talk about Pierre's search for ingredients. While Pierre is distracted, you and Lanna sneak up behind Pierre but the gourmet senses that the two of you are up to something. What are you doing?!

Pierre asks Lanna what she is trying to do with his hat. Lanna demands to know what he is hiding under it! Pierre isn't hiding anything under it, and he asks Denny not to make fun of his hat. It's certified gourmet! Lanna still demands to see what is under the purple hat. Pierre pleads for your help.

» Stop it, Lanna

You push Lanna away from Pierre, which may irritate her but Pierre is very grateful. Lanna announces that she will not give up her quest to see what is under his hat.

+FP to Pierre, +FP to Denny. Move on to Yellow Heart Event #3

» I support Lanna

Pierre is in disbelief! Even if you won't stand up for him, it looks like he has an ally in Denny. The fisherman steps up and stops Lanna from trying to get Pierre's hat.

-FP to Pierre, -FP to Denny. Move on to Yellow Heart Event #4

Yellow Heart Event #1

Phone Call from the Gourmet

» Walk into your farm house » 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, Rainy weather » 6:00 am to 8:00 am, Sunny, Clear, or Cloudy weather » 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm, Sunny, Clear, or Cloudy weather » Pierre at or above a yellow heart color

As you walk into your house, your normally silent telephone will ring. You rush over to answer it, and discover that the person calling is the Gourmet from Mineral Town! He's calling for the apprentice, Pierre. You apparently have the only telephone on the island so you put down the phone receiver, run over to Pierre's house, grab him, and rush back to your house so he can talk to the boss Gourmet.

You can't hear their conversation, but it sound like Gourmet is going to give Pierre his final test. After he hang up, Pierre is ecstatic that he received a call from the famous Gourmet. The reason he came to the island was for the final examination, and to discover new tastes in the savage land. Confirming a new taste is what is final exam is about.

» It'll be simple

Pierre doesn't think it will be that easy, but he's sure that on this island he will be successful.

+FP to Pierre. Heart events marriage requirement completed.

» Pierre will easily pass

This exam is not easy! Pierre has trained hard for this test, and it is rare to hear of one person even passing it! Pierre leaves to hurry home.

-FP to Pierre. Heart events marriage requirement completed.

Yellow Heart Event #2

Takaran Pepe

» Walk from W.Town to the Forest » 10:00 am to 4:00 pm » Sunny, Clear, or Cloudy weather » Pierre at or above a yellow heart color

Pierre is in the forest searching for ingredients, as usual. Actually he is looking for information and asks that you not tell anyone. Pierre tells you that he is looking for the legendary Takaran Pepe, and it has been said that they come from this island!

Unfortunately Pierre doesn't know what it looks like, but he's not going to give up.

» I doubt you'll find it

Do you know something about Takaran Pepe that no one else does? Even if it isn't found here, he's going to continue his search.

-FP to Pierre. Heart events marriage requirement completed.

» Let me assist you

Pierre is grateful for your help. He instructs you to search in an area while he takes a look around where he's at, but neither one of you have any luck finding the Takaran Pepe. He guesses it must not be found here after all, and thanks you for the help.

+FP to Pierre. Heart events marriage requirement completed.

Note: Takaran Pepe is the cooking dish taught to Romana's butler, Sebastian, by his ancestors in Harvest Moon DS. There is a random eventin the mansion's kitchen where the elderly gentleman explains the origin of his Takaran Pepe knowledge.

Yellow Heart Event #3

Recipe Research

» Pierre's house » 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm » Rainy, Drizzly, or Snowy weather » Know the recipe for Chop Suey (Give a Carrot to the Diner) » Pierre at or above a yellow heart color

Since today is so rainy, Pierre has decided to stay indoors instead of going out to search for new ingredients. He is going to do some recipe research, and asks if you know how to make Chop Suey. Pierre wants to make it today and asks if you would help him.

» My pleasure

Since you know how to make the recipe, Pierre asks you to select from the ingredients shelf the items that you'll need.

» Turnip

» Onion

» Cabbage

Bring the Cabbage back to Pierre and he'll be impressed by your choice of ingredients. Pierre cooks up the Chop Suey and serves it to you, with a request that you write a good review. The two of you should cook together again some time.

+FP to Pierre. Heart events marriage requirement completed.

» I'm going home to sleep.

-FP to Pierre. Heart events marriage requirement completed.

Yellow Heart Event #4

Popular Pierre, Part 2

» Walk from W.Town to E.Town » 11:00 am to 3:00 pm » Sunny, Clear, or Cloudy weather » Saturday only » Pierre at or above a yellow heart color

You'll find Pierre with Felicia and Mirabelle, and the ladies are glad to hear the Pierre is still searching for ingredients. Unfortunately Pierre is not having much luck, and Mirabelle teases him by offering the boyish fellow some candy. Pierre is annoyed at the two chatty women, who are treating him like he was some sort of child.

Pierre then notices that you were behind him the whole time, and is now embarrassed that you saw his little temper tantrum. He runs off, and the ladies comment how cute he is when he's out of ear-shot.

-FP to Pierre. Move on to the Orange Heart Event

Orange Heart Event

Chef Pierre

» Pierre's house » 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm » Any weather » You must have all areas unlocked » Have seen Yellow Heart Event #4 » Pierre at or above an orange heart color

Inside his house, Pierre reminds you that if you work too hard that you might collapse. He asks if you have a moment to eat something nutritious, but you seem reluctant. Pierre is going to make you some food anyway.

After he makes the meal for you, he explains it is natural for a gourmet to wish to give delicious food. Your hunger bar will be filled at the end of the event.

+FP to Pierre. Heart events marriage requirement completed.

Rival Heart Events

Black Rival Event

Oh No! Mushrooms!

» Walk from the Mountain to the Forest » 10:00 am to 4:00 pm » Sunny, Clear, Cloudy, or Snowy weather » Pierre at a black heart color

You'll see Natalie greeting the gourmet, and asks if he's looking for ingredients. Of course he's searching! There are so many wild items growing on the island that it would be a shame to overlook them. Natalie likes his enthusiasm and asks what has he found today. Pierre glady shows off the mushroom he's found, but it turns out Natalie does not like mushrooms at all! She demands that he can not bring them anywhere near her. Pierre is disappointed since once its been cooked, mushrooms are rather delicious.

Natalie explains that she once ate a poisonous mushroom. She's been trying to forget how painful that time was and doesn't want to see any mushrooms. Pierre gets an idea to make a mushroom dish that even Natalie will eat, even though she's convinced she won't eat it anyway. Pierre scolds her for saying such things, as you lose out on a whole world of flavors by not eating mushrooms.

Blue Rival Event

Food is Important

» Pierre's house » 6:00 am to 10:00 am, Sunny, Clear, or Cloudy weather » 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm, Sunny, Clear, or Cloudy weather » 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, Rainy or Snowy weather » Year 2 or later » Pierre at a blue heart color or lower

Natalie has come to drop off some cooking ingredients that he's requested. Because he ordered so much, Elliot even had to help with the delivery. Pierre thanks her (he was too busy to get them himself), and asks that she put them on the shelves. Before she can do so, something on the counter has caught her eye and she walks over to investigate.

Pierre seems to already have plenty of ingredients, even though he ordered a bunch more! Oh no that's not it; those ingredients aren't good anymore so he can't use them. He asks Natalie to throw them away for him, but it bothers her that just because they're not going to be used they should be tossed. He used them before after all! They were good in his cooking, and she is dissappointed. Natalie leaves.

Elliot comes in once his sister walks out and asks Pierre what happened. Poor Pierre...

Green Rival Event

Don't Depend on Appearances

» Walk from Your Farm to W.Town » 10:00 am to 5:00 pm » Sunny, Clear, Cloudy, or Snowy weather » Year 3 or later » Pierre at a green heart color or lower

Pierre is outside Taro's house greeting Natalie. She asks if he's searching for ingredients today. Yes he is, as he was out with Danny's Fishary to get a fish. Natalie asks him what kind and Pierre tells her that he's getting a Shark! Why!?

Pierre explains that a Shark is one of the highest-graded ingredients. Natalie objects, as it is dangerous and Danny's boat isn't big enough. Pierre tells her not to worry. Danny's method to catch Sharks is only alittle bit dangerous. They did find one, but he sheepishly mentions they were unable to capture it. Guess she can't judge by appearances...

Is she saying Pierre is childish?! Natalie laughs and tells him not to get angry and she does admire him. Pierre's tone lightens up. He has a long ways to go to become a gourmet.

Orange Rival Event

It is Good to be Here

» Pierre's house » 6:00 am to 10:00 am, Sunny, Clear, or Cloudy weather » 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm, Sunny, Clear, or Cloudy weather » 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, Rainy or Snowy weather » Year 4 or later » Nathan is living on the island » Pierre at an orange heart color or lower

Pierre has just finished giving Natalie some delicious food. Pierre is glad that she liked it, but she wonders how he was able to make it so well. He seems to be getting better and better every time! Pierre admits that he has been growing too. Natalie asks if he would cook with her, and he agrees to teach the meaning of cooking to one person.

Pierre seems to be quite happy and she wonders if he misunderstood her request. It looks like he is leaving so she asks where he is going. To his kitchen of course! If he is going to teach her how to cook then he must clean his kitchen! She wasn't expecting this immediatly but she wants to help him do the dishes. The two of them set out to clean together.

Rival Child

If he is not married, he will marry Natalie and in 30 days Natalie will feel sick and Dr. Trent will say she is pregnant. In 60 days he will go to the city with Natalie for a total 30 days and they will have son named Jean.

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