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Pink-Cat-Mint Plant (HM64)

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Pink-Cat-Mint Plant
HM64 item pinkcatmint
Season(s) Spring and Summer
Days to Mature 8
Cost 300G

Pink-Cat-Mint Plants bloom during spring and summer. They can be bought at Flower Lillia to grow on your farm. They are useful as gifts and can not be sold. There is no advantage of having them over Moondrop plants, with one solid exception.

If Stu has moderate affection for you and you plant a plot of flowers he will come by and ask to see more. If you plant a few more plots of pink-cat-mints and moondrop plants he will give you marbles. You can trade those marbles to the Harvest Sprites for a Power Berry. This is hard (but not impossible) to do in the first year.

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