Heart Dialogue

  • First Meeting: "What!? .....Who are you? Why does he talk to me so much?"
  • Black Heart: "...Hello. Can I help you?"
  • Purple Heart: "Do you like farming? ... For me, it's boring. This is a secret, OK?"
  • Blue Heart: "You're nice, not like my brother. My brother can't seperate from me.. I'll tell you the story some day."
  • Green Heart: "Where was it like where you used to live? I want to go places."
  • Yellow Heart: "I admire the way you run the farm on your own. My brother says good things about you. I have respect for you too."
  • Orange Heart: "What do you think of me, ___? Everybody says I'm immature. What do you think?"
  • Red Heart: "Oh, ____! ...You always treat me like an adult. I used to like flashy guys, but now I think quiet guys like you are better.♥"

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