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Birthday Spring 22
Family Basil (Father)

Lillia (Mother)

Rival Gray
Appearances HM64, FoMT, BTN, HMDS, IoH, SI, MLS
This article is about Popuri, a character from Harvest Moon 64. You may be looking for Popuri in her other appearances throughout the series.

Popuri is one of the eligible girls for marriage in Harvest Moon 64.

She is a sunny, upbeat girl who helps her mother and father raise and sell vegetables. Her mother, Lillia, is the local florist, and her father Basil is a botanist.

She loves flowers, especially Pink Cat Mint flowers, and will be overjoyed if you plant them in your fields. If you choose not to marry Popuri, Ann's brother Gray (who shares her interest in flowers) marries her, and they eventually have a daughter named Mint.

Popuri often journeys to the mountains to pick wild flowers, and has a favorite spot at the very top of the northern peak. On your birthday, she will give you potporri as a gift. 


  • Outside of Flower Lillia (usually Mondays-Thursdays)
  • Inside the Bakery (usually right after green ranch on Sundays)
  • Inside Flower Lillia (usually on Rainy Days and Winter)
  • Green Ranch (between 9-12(?) on Sundays, except winter)
  • In the carpenters' clearing, above the climbable tree (usually on Saturday mornings 9-3)
  • Near the mountain restaurant (usually on Friday mornings 9-3ish(?))


  • Summer 1st, Fireworks Display: The mountains
  • Winter 24th, Star Night Festival: The mountains
  • Winter 30th, New Years Eve: The church



  • Pink-Cat-Mint Flowers


  • Other Flowers
  • Strawberries
  • Cake


  • Bugs
  • Snakes

Heart Events

Popuri is Sick

  • On a rainy day, go to the Flower Shop and Popuri will have a cold. She will be happy if you visit her.

Requirements: Popuri is at a green heart or higher, it must be raining.

Dream Event

  • You'll have a dream (flashback) about a girl falling after trying to pick up a flower. Anywhere from the next day to a week later, go the mountains behind the carpenters' house. It's best to check it every day until you trigger the event.

Requirements: Yellow heart on any kind of day.

Sprained Ankle

  • She sprains her ankle near the cave in the woodland area.

Requirements: Yellow heart on a sunny day.

Photo During the Spring you'll get a letter from Lillia's Flower Shop that says the Blue Mist Flowers have arrived. Plant some, and after they bloom, Popuri will come by and you'll get a picture for your album. You must water it every day for it to bloom.

Requirements: To trigger this event you simply need to water the flower until it blooms. When it does, Popuri will be standing near the flower and say she hopes the butterflies come. The next day she will be there and there will be a butterfly. Talk to her to get the picture.

If she is at or very close to a pink heart she will be at your house the morning the butterfly comes, but a pink heart is not required to get the photo. You can be at any heart level.


  • Her confession scene is near the cave in the woodland area.

Requirements: Pink heart on a sunny day.

Rival Events

Flower Seeds

  • When you are about to walk into the flower shop Gray will walk out. Popuri will follow him and tell him he forgot his purchase, some flower seeds.

Growing Flowers

  • When you walk into the Green Ranch area, Popuri and Ann will be talking. They notice Gray's flowers have grown.


  • Walk into the Green Ranch area at night. Popuri will be standing by the fence. Gray comes out of the barn and Popuri starts talking to him. Gray tells her not to come any closer, he's been carrying horse manure. Popuri tells him she doesn't mind, she works with fertilizer often and it smells the same.
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