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Power Berry
Power Berry (BTN)
Obtain By 10 in total, all with different requirements.

A Power Berry is a special fruit in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature that increases your stamina.

There are a total of 10 power berries in the game. Attaining all 10 of them will double your initial stamina of 100. The Mystic Berry is not technically a power berry, despite the effect it has on your fatigue.


  1. Inside the Waterfall Mine. You can randomly dig up a power berry here. There is no predetermined tile or floor.
  2. Inside the Winter Mine. Same conditions as the Waterfall Mine. A random dig.
  3. Outside of the Winter Mine. On the backside of the island the mine entrance sits on. Press X around the left corner (as seen on the screen) until you find it.
  4. TV Shopping. On Saturdays, a Power Berry will randomly be sold in place of a piece of cooking equipment for 5,000G.
  5. Mineral Beach. Randomly fished from the ocean on Mineral Beach during Spring or Winter.
  6. Mother's Hill - Giant Tree. If you take your axe to the giant tree in the flower field on Mother's Hill, it will reward you with a power berry if you promise not to chop it down.
  7. Swimming Festival. Prize for winning the swimming festival for the first time.
  8. Harvest Goddess. After you throw 5 (five) of the crops from your farm into the waterfall she will reward you with a power berry.
  9. Horse Race. Trade 1001 medals for a power berry.
  10. Given to you by Anna. If you plant at least 91 flowers on your farm, Anna will come by and ask you if she can pick flowers, if you tell her she can she will give you a power berry.

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