• Introduction: "Oh, a customer! You're ____? I'm Raul. Come to my shop for all your farming needs! I decorated it to look like an old-fashioned shop from my home country. I even dressed the part! ....You don't think I went overboard, do you?"
  • Morning: "Good morning. How are you doing?"
  • Afternoon: "Hi there. Working hard, ____?"
  • Evening: "Good evening. My store always has a great selection of products!"


  • "Sorry. I'm working right now. If you want to buy stuff, go to the other side."
  • "I'm going to go find some good items to sell. I'm gonna get some great stuff, so get ready to buy it!"
  • During a snow storm: "So much snow! If I go outside, I'm afraid I'll be buried in snow!"
  • Day after a storm: "That was a bad storm yesterday. But my products are all still good. They're always good!"
  • When shown the Blue Feather: "That feather... That's THE feather! Some day, I'll give that to Marian... But first I'll have to win her heart. I won't give up!"
  • After you are married: "Is marriage fun? Boy I bet it is. Now you can buy twice as many things!"


  • "How're you doing with your stand, ___? If you slack off, I'm going to take the number 1 spot!"
  • "I have good stuff. I'll be number 1!"
  • "I can't wait to see who comes to my shop! I'm gonna sell a ton of stuff today!"
  • After the bazaar: "Next time, I'm gonna sell even more!"


  • Favorite: "Croquette! I can't sell this. I guess I'll just have to eat it, then! It looks delicious!"
  • Liked: "This is really cool. Thanks!"
  • Birthday Gift: "Hehehe. ♪ For my birthday? You're great, ___!"
  • Disliked: "No thanks..."
  • Horror: "Is this your trash? Don't give it to me!"
  • When offered multiple gifts: "I can't take another gift today. You keep it."

Heart Lines

Note: Raul's heart lines can only be seen while talking to Raul in his bedroom. The easiest time to do this is on Fridays when the store is closed. 

  • Black Heart: "How's the farm? You can't just farm all day, you know. You have to get to know your customers!"
  • Purple Heart: "You have to know what your customers want. You've gotta be a little psychic to run a good shop!"
  • Blue Heart: "I have lots of things from my homeland here. Looks cool, right? But they're not for sale. Boy, I do miss my mama's delicious croquettes."
  • Green Heart: "Diego is my older brother. He dresses in purple. Enrique is my younger brother. He wears blue."
  • Yellow Heart: "I know what Marian really likes. She likes dishes that uses herbs. Especially spaghe..!! Whoah, I'm not telling you!"
  • Orange Heart: "___, you come visit quite often. You're a good customer, ____. But no discounts!" 
  • Red Heart: "Rah, rah! Rah, rah, RAUUUUL! That's a song that brings good luck. You should try it out, ___."


  • When given a flower for the Flower Festival: "A flower? Thanks!"