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Birthday Summer 9
Liked Animals All animals (+150FP)
Family Toni (Son)
Unlock By Spring 25th
Appearances ANB
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Rebecca (レベッカ Rebekka) is a character in Harvest Moon 3DS: A New Beginning.

She moves into Echo Village with her son, Toni, in Spring 25 of the first year. She works as a sculptor and owns a construction design shop. Rebecca will give player a tutorial on how to use the construction studio that is attached to your farm house. After she moves in, Rebecca will sell basic construction materials and blueprints at her shop. Her shop is open 3 days a week from 10 AM to 6 PM. You can get blueprints & material from her to build structures for your farm and around the town.

As a mother, she is flexible toward her son despite her stern appearance.


Business Days: Wed, Fri, Sun

Business Hours: 10 AM to 6 PM


Gift Preferences
Gift Preferences
Favorited Seafood Rice Omelette
Loved Regular Items: Great Milk, Great Jersey Milk, Great Yak Milk, Yogurt, Great Yogurt, Jersey Yogurt, Great Jersey Yogurt, Yak Yogurt, Great Yak Yogurt, Fruit Yogurt, Great Fruit Yogurt, Jersey Fruit Yogurt, Great J. Fruit Yogurt, Yak Fruit Yogurt, Great Y. Fruit Yogurt, Milk Jam, Iron, Brick, Adamantite, Orichalcum, Mithril, Bamboo, Material Stone, Black Material Stone, Lumber, Black Lumber

Cooked Dishes: Milk Salad, Milk Soup, Macaroni and Cheese, Corn Pasta, Cream Pasta, Carbonara, Lasagna

Liked Regular Items: Milk, Jersey Milk, Yak Milk, Cheese, Great Cheese, Jersey Cheese, Great Jersey Cheese, Yak Cheese, Great Yak Cheese, Butter, Great Butter, Jersey Butter, Great Jersey Butter, Yak Butter, Great Yak Butter, Mayonnaise, Great Mayonnaise, Silkie Mayonnaise, Great Silkie Mayo, Wine, Glittering Stone, Gold, Silver, Copper, Scrap Metal, Glass Stone, Crystal, Ruby, Jade, Diamond, Amethyst, Emerald, Agate, Peridot, Sandrose, Fluorite, Platinum, Pink Diamond, Topaz, Moon Stone, Mythic Stone, Small Material Stone, Small Lumber, all fishes

Cooked Dishes: Doria, Omelet Rice, Milk Rice, Butter Rice

Neutral All other items not listed
Disliked Regular Items: Pink Rose, Marguerite, Tulip, Sunflower, Red Rose, Hydreangea, Nadeshiko, White Rose, Gerbera, Snowdrop, Gentian, Blue Rose, Cactus, Mint, Chamomile, Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, Aloe, Basil, Bay Leaf, Bergamot, Thyme, Herb Cheese, Great Herb Cheese, Jersey Herb Cheese, Great J. Herb Cheese, Yak Herb Cheese, Great Y. Herb Cheese, Herb Butter, Great Herb Butter, Jersey Herb Butter, Great J. Herb Butter, Yak Herb Butter, Great Y. Herb Butter, Herb Mayonnaise, Great Herb Mayo, Silkie Herb Mayo, Great S. Herb Mayo, Chocolate Jam, Herb Jam, Stay Awake, Stamina Booster, Super Stay Awake, Stamina Saver, Stamina Booster XL, Angler's Dream, Feline Friend, Canine Companion, Wild Animal Friend, Chicken Feed, Pet Food, Treat, Chicken Treat, Cow Treat, Sheep Treat, Fish Food, Soil, Bottle, Can, Fish Bones, Old Boot, Weed

Cooked Dishes: Herb Salad, Herb Soup, Herb Pilaf, Basil Cheese Bread, Herb Pasta, Chocolate Fondue, Herb Pie, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Pudding, Chocolate Ice Cream, Herb Ice Cream, Chocolate Juice, Iced Cocoa, Cappuccino, Cafe Mocha, Vegetable Tea, Strawberry Tea, Peach Tea, Cherry Tea, Apple Tea, Blueberry Tea, Butter Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Herb Tea, Milk Tea, Spring Milk Tea, Summer Milk Tea, Fall Milk Tea, Spring Herb Tea, Summer Herb Tea, Fall Herb Tea, Honey Tea, Strawberry Shake, Pineapple Shake, Watermelon Shake, Kiwi Shake, Peach Shake, Cherry Shake, Banana Shake, Mango Shake, Apple Shake, Grape Shake, Chocolate Shake, Orange Shake, Berry Shake, Soy Milk Shake, Tiramisu Shake, Smoothie

Hated Regular Items: Fish Trap, Fodder, Poison Mushroom, Rose Perfume, Herb Perfume, Ocean Perfume, Forest Perfume, Spring Perfume, Summer Perfume, Fall Perfume, Winter Perfume, Cat Bell, Dog Bone, Oil, Barn Dirt
Horror Soft Chocolates

Gift Responses

[ Loved ]

Is this for me? It's just what I wanted! Have you been spying on me?
Ha ha ha! I'm just kidding. Thanks, MC!

[ Neutral ]

How nice. Thank you, MC.

Gifts Given


"What's up, MC? If you see Toni making mischief around town, don't hesitate to scold him.
That kid just hasn't been listening to me recently. I'm counting on you to keep him in line."

"Hey MC. How goes the work on the farm? What do you mean 'it's alright'?
You need to speak more clearly. I don't like vague answers."

"When I'm having trouble coming up with designs, I relieve stress by carving sculptures. It works wonders.
I carve sculptures using a hammer and chisel. When I chisel into a sculpture, all my stress just disappears." 

"What is it MC? Do you need something from me? Go ahead and spit it out."


"It's the adult's time now. Children should go home and sleep. Don't blame me if you can't wake up tomorrow." 


"What do you need? I'm eating now, so you can come by later?"



About Moving

"I'm not fond of moving. It's such a pain.
I try not to have too much stuff, but it seems like I just keep getting more and more things without even realizing it."


"Hey MC. You should have Tony (Toni) help you out on the farm sometime. He always seems like he wants to."

"The air on a farm air is different somehow. It feels familiar and friendly. It must be fun to live on a farm."


Crop Festival, Beginner, Win

Did you see the crops? Farmers who can grow them are marvelous!
It just makes me excited!

Crop Festival, Advanced, Win

Congratulations on winning! What's with the cool face?
It's as if you knew that you would surely win.
You know, I like that attitude. Be proud because you did your best!


Did you see the crops? Farmers who can grow them are marvelous!
It just makes me excited!


You know, flowers and herbs just aren't my thing...
I can't tell the difference between good or bad herbs too.
I do know a little about fibers though.
Emma does a really good job for judging too.

Cooking Festival

Intermediate Fried and Boiled, Win

Personally I like to invest the time into making complicated dishes.
Simple meals are not my style.
People are always telling me that cooking is supposed to be more general than that.
As long as it's delicious, right? I'm not a pro or anything. That's what I think cooking is.

Congrats on winning! You're pretty good. That's our MC!
I'm sure you could win just as easily in the advanced class.

Do you have a specialty dish?
It doesn't matter if you're a boy or girl, young or old, you have to have a specialty dish!
Me? Well, I... I would say, dishes with cheese.
Toni likes dishes with cheese. He's always asking me to make them.

Cow Festival


I envy you, MC. You can drink fresh milk every day.
The secret of your silky skin... Is it because of the milk you have?
Would you please bring some for me next time?

The Cow Festival taught me that there are many different kinds of cows.
It is a festival, after all. Both relaxing, and also informative. Two birds with one stone.
I truly hope that we can continue to have these Festivals.


Some say that if you have chickens at home, they crow in the morning and wake you up. But that's not true!
When I first started working, I would stay up late drawing assembly diagrams and sleep in the next morning...
So I borrowed a chicken from Neil, but I didn't wake up at all.
I suppose I was really tired then and the sound of the chicken probably just wasn't enough.

What cute chickens! I like chickens quite a lot.
When I was little, I would go to farms and secretly feed them.
The chickens all grew too big from the extra food and people were upset!
Ha-ha, children! They really don't think!

Beginner, Lose

Too bad. I really thought you were going to win.
Well don't get all moody just because you didn't win. You just have to try harder next time.

Beginner, Win

Congrats on winning, MC!
Well, it's the beginner class, so it must have been easy for you. Give it your all next time!

Music Festival

I like the song they played today. The title of the song... what is it?

Fireworks Festival

The fireworks were pretty, weren't they?
Listening to sound of the fireworks, blows away everything weighing fown on your heart!

Seeing fireworks seems to get me excited...
I just feels like I can't stay still!

They were pretty, but it feels disappointing when they are over.
Well, that is the good thing about fireworks.

New Year's Eve

My goal for this year is to draw more than 20 new assembly diagrams... or something like that. I suppose.
Huh? Can I? I wonder... Well, a goal's a goal, after all.
It's more encouraging to set a goal that's a little bit difficult, than one that's way too easy, right?

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