Regis (SI)
Birthday Summer 17
Family Will (Nephew)

Sabrina (Daughter)

Unlock By Available from the beginning of the game on Verdure Island.
Appearances IoH, SI
This article is about Regis in Sunshine Islands. You may be looking for Regis in Island of Happiness.

Regis is a character in Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands.

Regis is a multi-millionaire who owns his own successful mining company. He manages his company through his own personal home office. Regis lives in a luxurious mansion on Sprout Island with his daughter Sabrina. His daughter helps him with his business by acting as a bookkeeper. He is very protective of his daughter, and sees her very much as the apple of his eye.

Regis originally came to the island in search of ores. Until the player raises Volcano Island and gains access to the mine, Regis won't leave his mansion.


Gift Preferences
Gift Preferences
Favorited Pink Diamond
Loved Alexandrite, Adamantite, Diamond, Mystrile, Mythic Stone, Orichalcum
Liked Agate, Amethyst, Copper, Emerald, Flourite, Gelatin, Gold, Moon Stone, Peridot, Ruby, Sandrose, Silver, Topaz, Truffle, Chazuke, Colored Books (All)
Horror Junk Ore

Heart Lines

10 friend line (Male): "I do quite enjoy our visits. Stop by whenever you're bored with farming."
10 friend line (Female): "What say you, _____? Why don't you work for me?"

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