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Family Ann (Cousin)

Gray (Cousin)
Doug (Uncle)

Appearances HM64, BTN, FoMT, HMDS
This article is about Rick, a character from Harvest Moon 64. You may be looking for Rick in his other appearances throughout the series.

Rick is a character in the game Harvest Moon 64.

He owns the tool shop where brushes, milkers, etc. are supplied. When you get one of the girl's heart meters high enough, the Blue Feather will also appear in his shop. Rick is cheerful, friendly, and a bit chatty. Once you become good friends with him, he'll tell you some of Gray's backstory if you talk to him at the horse races.

He is cousin to Gray and Ann, and is, therefore, a nephew to Doug. His cousin, Ann, often comes to the shop to scold Rick on his laziness, and for closing the shop and disappearing. 

If you give him milk, he'll give you the recipe for handmade butter. He will also repair your music boxes once you become close enough friends.


Sunny Weather*: In his shop from 10AM - 6PM.

Rainy/Snowy Weather*: Not available.

Wednesday: Not available.

Saturday: Just outside Saibara's shop between 10AM - 2PM, then disappears.

Sunday: In the square in front of the fountain from 10AM - 12PM, then disappears.

* Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday


Liked Rare Metal, Milk

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