Rob Frost without his nose.

Rob Frost is a snowman in the game Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.

One snowy morning, you will awaken by a knock on your door. Rob Frost has lost his nose and is hoping that you might be able to help him. Finn suggests that a carrot might be exactly what Frost is looking for. In order to be able to help Rob Frost, you must already have a carrot in your rucksack. If you don't happen to have one, don't worry! Rob Frost will return again on the next snowy night and you can try again.

After you give Rob Frost a carrot, a snowman will be next to your house every day. Rob Frost leaves you thank you gifts every morning that you will find if you examine the snowman. You only have to trigger the carrot event once and Rob Frost will return every winter and give you gifts.

Gifts you might receive:

  • Perfect Onion
  • Perfect Spinach
  • Bodigizer XL
  • Empty Can
  • Perfect Potato
  • Huchen
  • Perfect Cabbage
  • Amethyst (rare)
  • Blueberry Ice Cream (rare)
  • Perfect Ostrich Egg (rare)

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