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Rob Frost without his nose.

Rob Frost is a snowman in the game Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. On your game's first snowy night, he will come by your door looking for his missing nose. Finn will then suggest that the snowman needs a carrot. You must have the carrot (the quality doesn't matter) in your rucksack so your character can give it to him. As thanks, everyday there will be a gift for you if you examine him. Rob Frost will only be available throughout the winter season. If you don't have a carrot when you first trigger the event, he'll come by again the next snowy night.

Items you can get:

  • Perfect Onion
  • Perfect Spinach
  • Bodigizer XL
  • Empty Can
  • Perfect Potato
  • Huchen
  • Perfect Cabbage
  • Amethyst (rare)
  • Blueberry Ice Cream (rare)
  • Perfect Ostrich Egg (rare)

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