Male Version

  • "___, as usual, you are just goofing around."
  • "Hi, ___. It is a lovely day, isn't it?"
  • "Hi, ___. I am glad you came."

Female Version

  • "__? Welcome."
  • "___, are you okay?"
  • "Is something wrong, ___?"
  • "Oh, ___. Thanks for coming."


Male Version

  • "On beautiful days like today, I try to go for a walk."
  • "I have always hated going to the doctor. Lumina begged me with tears in her eyes to go to the doctor for a physical. Hmmpf!"
  • When shown the Blue Feather: "Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Don't make fun of me."
  • When shown your dog/cat: "Wow. It is so cute. I want to take it home."
  • If you are married to Lumina: "Is Lumina doing all right at home? She can't do housework, so I am worried about her. But I can't do it either."

You enter her room:

  • Low affection: "You shouldn't enter a room of a lady without permission."
  • High affection: "Having a young gentleman come to visit is just so exciting... just kidding."

At the mansion: "This piano was passed down through many generations. Grandma used to play for me."

Female Version

  • "Oh, ___. The weather's lovely today, isn't it?"
  • "I go out for walks as much as I can when the weather's nice."
  • "Hi, ____. Isn't this garden beautiful? I'm very proud of it. Sebastian's always minding the garden for me. He's doing a fine job, isn't he?"
  • "I've never liked doctors. I'm only getting examined because Lumina cried and begged me too. Mumble, mumble.."
  • "It's wonderful how a girl like you is running a ranch by herself."
  • When shown the Blue Feather: "Ho ho ho! Don't mock me."
  • When shown your cat/dog: "Why, how cute. I almost want to keep it here."

At the mansion:

  • "It's not much, but please make yourself at home."
  • "This piano's been passed down for generations. My grandma often played it."


Male Version

  • Loved: "Oh! This is my favorite. Thank you."
  • Liked: "This is a real weakness of mine. Thank you."
  • Disliked: "I just think these are... awful! I will give it to Sebastian."
  • Hated: "Are you insulting me? Sebastian can deal with it!"
  • When given accessories: "Yeah. This is good stuff. Is this for me? Thank you."
  • When given jewelry: "Oh, that is beautiful. I could have as many of these as I can fit in my room."
  • When given perfume: "What a great smell! It must be expensive. I am going to try it on now."
  • Birthday Gift: "Is this a birthday present? Wow. You are very thoughtful. Thank you so much."

Female Version

  • Loved: "Why, this is my favorite. Thank you."
  • Liked: "I'm just mad about these. Thank you."
  • Neutral: "Thank you."
  • Disliked: "This is... most unpleasant! I'll let Sebastian have it."
  • Hated: "Is this some kind of insult? I'll have Sebastian deal with it!"
  • Birthday Gift: "A birthday present? Oh, how thoughtful! Thank you very much."
  • When given jewelery: "Oh, how lovely. You can't have too many of these."
  • When given accessories: "Oh, isn't that nice? I can have it? Thank you."
  • When given perfume: "That smells nice! It's a luxury item, isn't it? I'll try it right away."


New Years Day: 

  • (male version): "Rice cake is something you don't get to eat very often. If you always eat rice cake, then it loses it's importance."
  • (male version): "That's why on days like today eating it is so special."
  • (female version): "Rice Cakes are something you don't eat everyday, right?"
  • (female version): "They're not special anymore if you eat them every day. You have to eat a lot of them on a day like today."

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