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A Rucksack is the basic inventory system in Harvest Moon games. It is the amount of items you are allowed to carry with you as you move around. Every game has a different maximum and minimum amount of items your rucksack will hold, and a different way to increase the number of slots available.

Back To Nature

Friends of Mineral Town

Your initial rucksack only holds two items, and you can carry one more in your hands, making the total three slots. There are two available upgrades. The second upgrade is only available after one week after you purchased the first upgrade.

Upgrade Slots Method of Obtaining Cost
First 5 (including hands) Buy from Supermarket. 3000 G
Second 9 (including hands) Buy from Supermarket. 5000 G

A Wonderful Life

Your Rucksack can hold 280 slots of items. You can sort it into different catagories using the C stick. You can also quick acess the Rucksack by pressing X. When you setup a stand to sell NPC's will buy anything in your Inventory inluding your tools.

Tree of Tranquility

Your initial rucksack holds 10 items, but there are no distinctions between tool slots and regular item slots,

Shelly holding an upgraded Rucksack.

so assuming you carry a full set of tools around with you, your initial rucksack will only hold about 5 other additional items. You can always store away as many or all tools if you want, if you have no immediate use for them. There are four upgrades available, as soon as you complete Daren's rainbow, and the Tailor Shop opens on Waffle Island.

You can upgrade your rucksack by speaking to Shelly, who runs the Tailor Shop, but instead of paying, you will need to provide a few items.

Upgrade Slots Items Needed
First* 15 None
Second 20
  • Good Flax Yarn (2)
  • Good Wool Yarn (2)
  • Good Silk Yarn (2)
Third 25
  • Yellow Flax Yarn (2)
  • Red Wool Yarn (2)
  • Green Silk Yarn (2)
Fourth 30
  • Shining Flax Yarn (1)
  • Shining Wool Yarn (1)
  • Shining Silk Yarn (1)

Your first upgrade will be received for free; just speak to Shelly and she will give a complementary upgrade.

Animal Parade

Your initial rucksack holds 15 items. There are two upgrades available.

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