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Sandra (ANB)
Appearances ANB

A witch with an old, slightly ugly appearance. This old lady runs a swap-shop in order to get research materials. Her research is what she likes to boast about!

She loves the color pink and any rare items like coins and color feathers. She only comes out at night and is happy when the weather is bad.


Sandra's Stall Shop Days:
Day: Time:
Friday 7PM - 10PM
Saturday 7PM - 10PM
Sunday 7PM - 10PM

Unlike most shops, Sandra's is open on most festival days.

Sandra's Stall Item List "Every item for trade is 4 stars or less" [Crystal] Trade"d for [6 3 star Turnip / 2 2 and a half star Daikon 8 2 and a half star Milk] [Ruby] Trade'd for,5 Apple 7 Tomato 7 milk [Jade] Trade'd for,5 Spinach 2 Broccoli 7 Milk [Diamond] Trade'd for,7 Peach 7 Bok Choy 7 Yak Milk [Amethyst] Trade'd for,2 Grape 2 Pineapple 4 Milk [Emerald] Trade'd for,5 Green Pepper 3 Kiwi 12 Milk [Agate] Trade'd for, 5 Cherry 4 pumpkin 7 Milk [Peridot] Trade'd for,2 Pineapple 1 Banana 6 Milk [Sandrose] Trade'd for,4 Cabbage 3 Potato 7 Milk [Fluorite]Trade'd for, 5 Peach 7 Eggplant 10 Milk [Adamantite] Trade'd for, 5 Kiwi 2 Corn 9 Milk [Orichalcum] Trade'd for, 5 Cucumber 3 Cocoa 8 Milk [Mithril] Trade'd for, 5 Carrot 2 Onion 6 Jersey Milk [Platinum] Trade'd for, 7 Yam 1 Watermelon 5 Jersey Milk [Pink Diamond] Trade'd for, 6 Mango 9 Strawberry 5 Yak Milk [Topaz] Trade'd for, 4 Pumpkin 3 Carrot 3 Jersey Milk [Moon Stone] Trade'd for, 4 Orange 1 Watermelon 2 Yak Milk [Mythic Stone] Trade'd for, 20 Egg 20 Silkie Egg 10 Apple [Coin] Trade'd for, 1 Trumpet Mushroom 1 Common Mushroom 1 Coral Mushroom [Red Down] Trade'd for, 5 Chamomile 8 Rosemary 4 Honey [Green down] Trade'd for, 3 Basel 4 Thyme 3 Honey [Blue Down] Trade'd for, 3 Mint 5 Bargamot 3 Honey [Yellow Down] Trade'd for, 3 Bergamot 2 Sage 4 Honey [Orange Down] Trade'd for, 3 Aloe 5 Lavender 5 Honey [Purple Down] Trade'd for, 4 Bay Leaf 6 Rosemary 4 Honey [Secret Recipe 3] Trade'd for 1 Nadeshiko 1 White Rose 1 Gerbera [Secret Recipe 4] Trade'd for,1 Sunflower 1 Hydrangea 2 Gentian [secret Recipe 5] Trade'd for,1 Tulip 1 Gerbera 1 Cactus [Secret Recipe 6] Trade'd for,1 Nadeshiko 1 Gerbera 1 White Rose [Secret Recipe 7] Trade'd for,1 Cactus 1 Red Rose 1 Gentian [Secret Recipe 8] Trade'd for,1 Nadeshiko 1 Hydrangea 1 Gentian [Secret Recipe 9] Trade'd for,3 White Rose 2 Nadeshikp 3 Gerbera [Secret Recipe 10] Trade'd for, 3 Red Rose 3 Gerbera 3 Nadeshiko [Secret Recipe 11] Trade'd for, 3 White Rose 2 Nadeshiko 3 Grebera [Secret Recipe 12] Trade'd for, 10 Red Rose [Secret Recipe 14] Trade'd for, 8 Hydrangea [Red Pots] Trade'd for, 3 Omelet Rice 1 Plum Paste Cucumber 3 Tomato Juice [Blue Pots] Trade'd for,1 Paella 3 Herb Salad 1 Grass Juice [White Pots] Trade'd for, 1 Sea Bream Chazuke 4 Daikon Salad 5 Yogurt Drink [Stone Slab] 1 Pot-au-Fau 2 Boiled Spinach 1 Watermelon Juice [Old Table] 1 Boiled Lotus Root 2 Fritter Salad 5 Kiwi Juice [Log Chair] 1 Pumpkin Croquette 2 Coleslaw 1 Summer Herb Tea [Bonsai] 2 Onion Rice 5 Cucumber Namul 1 Lassi [Potted Cherry Tree] 1 Curry Rice 2 Yam Salad 3 Banana Juice [Potted Ginkgo Tree]2 Arancini 1 Corn Salad 2 Pineapple Juice [Potted Palm Tree]1 Spaghetti 1 Rice Salad 2 Mango Juice [Pine Tree] 2 Udon With Egg 2 Milk Salad 8 Vegetable Tea [Cherry Tree] 2 Genovese Pasta 6 Turnip Salad 4 Spring Herb Tea [Ginkgo Tree] 1 Octopus Pasta 2 Pasta Salad 5 Aloe Juice [Palm Tree] 1 Chirashi Sushi 2 Summer Salad 5 Peach Tea [Gazebo]1 Doria 2 Italian Salad 2 Herb Tea [White Fence] 2 Spicy Curry 1 Mixed Salad 1 Iced Cocoa [White Curved Fence] 1 Eastern Pasta 2 High-Class Carpacchio 1 Lassi [White Arch] 4 Cold Noodles 8 Carprese 9 Fall Herb Tea [Black Curved Fence] 1 Stir Fried Udon 1 Tomato Salad 1 Carrot Juice [Black Arch] 1 Cod Rose Pasta 1 Plum Vinegar Salad 2 Fall Milk Tea [Hot Spring] 3 Napolitan 8 Summer Salad 1 Summer Milk Tea [Fireplace] 1 French Toast 2 Mushroom Salad 1 Cappuccino [Eastern Furniture] 1 Kppa Roll 2 Onion Salad 3 Blueberry Tea [Old Furniture] 3 Pumpkin Doria 2 Potato Salad 3 Butter tea [White Furniture] 1 Butter Roll 2 Turnip Salad 3 Cherry Tea [Black Furniture] 1 Mushroom rice 1 Coleslaw 1 Cheese Drink [Solid Blue]1 Pilaf 1 Herb Salad 1 Aloe Juice [Solid Orange] 1 Fried Lsobe 1 Yam Salad 1 Spring Herb Tea [Solid White] 1 Spring roll 1 Caprese 1 Vegetable Tea [Fusuma] 2 Cheese Fondue 1 Daikon Salad 1 Strawberry Tea [White Marble] 1 Raclette 1 Kimchi 1 Summer Herb Tea [Black Marble] 1 Chop Suey 1 Mimosa Salad 1 watermelon Juice [Lavender Marble] 1 Mixed Vegetable Rice 1 Pumpkin Salad 1 Kiwi Juice [Tatami] 2 Dry Curry 1 Cucumber Namul 1 summer Milk Tea

Gift Preferences

Gift Preferences
Special Stamina Booster XL
Loved Medicine Potions, Royal Jelly
Liked Magic Red Flower, Magic Blue Flower, Grapes, Weeds, Barn Dirt, Scrap Metal, Moon Drop Flower, Snowball

Gift responses

Liked: Hehehe. You've got something nice there haven't you? It's for me? Then I'll take it!

Gifts Given



Crop Festival, Advanced, Win

Oh, so you won... That's good news.
...what? Advanced class! That calls for a celebration. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Well, as a special reward, please come by store and exchange something.


If you have a huge crop, I may consider an exchange for something good.
Researching their genes may tell us something.


It's not that I dislike flowers but they are just too bright for me. I want to go home soon.

Cooking Festival

Intermediate Fried and Boiled, Win

Aha, you won, did you? That's great.
...It's just the beginner class though... Hyahyahyahya, never mind.
Come exchange something out of politeness.

I really don't have any interest in cooking.
I'm just here to see if there's anything that will help me with my research.
I'll give you something good in exchange for a rice omelet!

Cooking is a waste of time. If you have so much free time, you should do experiments.
If you have so much free time, come help me.

Cow/Chicken Festival


Cows are too big to use in my experiments. They would just get in the way.

I am not interested in animals. If you have anything to say, come to my shop.


Listening to chickens makes me feel ill.
When they shriek, the night ends. They are really annoying.

Chicken is used as ingredients in witchcraft, not necessary for research

Beginner, Win

Aha, you won, did you? That's great.
...It's just the beginner class though. Hyahyahyahya, never mind.
Come exchange something out of politeness.

Beginner, Lose

What? ...You didn't win? That's not my problem. You just didn't do enough research.
I'll lend you my research lab any time you want to do research.
What? You'll pass?! Hmph. Fine, I'll let you off the hook, so come exchange something.

Fireworks Festival

There is something indescribably appealing about this smell of gunpowder. Hahahahahahahaha.

I used to do research on fireworks, but I caused a huge explosion.
The whole house was a big firework. Ah, that was pretty. Hahahahaha.
What? Me? Of course I was fine. I wasn't afraid of explosions.

I like fireworks, they can be a little bright, but it is basically a nighttime event.


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