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Saury, like any fish can be found in bodies of water around Waffle island. When shipped this fish sells for 70g and can be used in a multitude of cooking dishes to increase profits.


Dish Cooking Utensil Price
Bouillabaise Pot 360-1320g
Grilled Saury Matches 120g
Herb Fish (Decent) Oven 260g
Marinated Fish Cut. Board 850g
Meuniere Frying Pan 280-1350g
Sashimi (Decent) Cut. Board 270g
Saury Tomato Stew Pot 250g
Sushi (Decent) Cut. Board 310g

Warning: The quality and price of some dishes change depending on the quality of ingredients and the use of many ingredients in some dishes might not be profitable.

Locations : The ocean off of Waffle Town and Caramel District along with the East Gull Island

Season : Fall, Winter; Morning hours (Has been found in the evening and day hours)

Requirements : Requires a Fishing Rod with Skill Level (any)

Interesting notes:

  • Saury is a fairly common fish and with its low shipping price most foods including only 2 ingredients will result in a decent rating.
  • When cooking Saury you will always get a Decent Herb Fish; therefore, it cannot be used to complete Daren's Recipe.
  • This fish is used as an ingredient in Collin's Recipe who can be found on the Gull Island's after completing Daren's Recipe.

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