Game AP
Lifespan About 2 years
Produces Wool

Sheep Milk

Cost Lamb:1800G



All sheep need to eat fodder daily, but an adult can be let out to graze on grass instead. A healthy sheep can be both sheared and milked once every 4 days, even if it's outside. The quality of the Sheep milk and wool will depend on the sheeps affection with you and it's health.

To raise it's affection a sheep may be brushed and pet daily.

It takes 7 days for a pregnant sheep to give birth and another 15 days for a lamb to mature into an adult.


A healthy sheep may produce both Wool and Milk every 4 days and the quality depends on the sheeps affection towards you and it's overall health.

Sheep Milk

Quality Shipping cost
Decent 120G
Good 210G
Perfect 290G
Shining 460G


Quality Shipping Price
Decent 620G
Good 920G
Perfect 1220G
Shining 1820G

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