This article is about Shelly, a character from Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. You may be looking for Shelly (AP), a character from Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.

Shelly is the owner of the Tailor Shop. She and her granddaughters, Candace and Luna, will move in to Waffle Island and open their Tailor Shop once Daren's rainbow is complete. Shelly is very skilled at tailoring services, and she is a very kind-hearted old lady.

In addition to selling clothing used to customize your character, Shelly is the only person who provides the service of upgrading and enlarging your rucksack to hold more items.



All yarns, Chestnuts, Pickles, Herbal Tea

There is also a glitch in the game involving Shelly. Where anytime the tailor shop is open go talk to Shelly and ask to upgrade your rucksack. The thing is you can not have any of the requirements with you at the time. Doing this repeatedly can raise you to ten hearts in one day.




  • "Good afternoon."
  • "I heard ___ and ___ got married. I hope they'll have a happy family."
  • "Everything is so refreshing on a sunny day."
  • "I know lots about raising sheep and producing wool. The shine on the animal's coat depends on how much love you give them."
  • "Winter is about to end now, but i'll still be cold until spring. It may not be a good idea to put away your winter clothes just yet."