• Introduction: "Oh, hello. It's ___, right? I heard about you from my father, Felix. I'm Sherry. It's nice to meet you!"
  • Morning: "Good morning, _____. Let's make today a good one!"
  • Afternoon: "Good afternoon, ____. Having a good day?"
  • Evening: "Good evening, ____. How was your day?"


  • "First impressions are very important! You only get one chance to make a good one!"
  • At the hotel: "When Daisy isn't around, I usually come help out."
  • Near the hotel windmill: "The wind that blows here is very special. I can feel the season riding in on each gust!"
  • Standing near the river: "I see Antoinette here pretty often. Once she opens up, she's actually a lot of fun to talk to!"
  • At home: "My father's cooking is.... very.... unique. That's why I'm usually in charge of the cooking for the two of us."
  • Day after a storm: "That was a frightening storm yesteday, wasn't it?"
  • Bazaar day (Sherry has not yet opened a stand): "The bazaar is today. Father was very excited this morning!"
  • Bazaar day (her stand is open): "Today's the bazaar. Let's do our best to make sure the customers leave happy!"
  • At her bazaar stand: "Fruit trees don't need to be watered. They take a while to bear fruit, though."
  • After the bazaar: "That was pretty good. But you know, there's always room for improvement!"
  • When shown the Blue Feather: "It's so pretty... Someday, maybe I'll.. Hehe.. Never mind."
  • If you've married Lloyd: "How is life with Lloyd? If you ever need to talk about anything, just let me know."


  • Favorite: "Oh wow! An herb salad! Thank you! I love it."
  • Liked: "Wow! I really like this!"
  • Neutral: "Thank you."
  • Disliked: "Thank you, but... this isn't my favorite."
  • Horror: "Um... This gift... It makes me... really sad..."
  • Birthday: 
    • Liked: "A birthday gift? Thank you."
    • Loved: "A birthday gift? Thank you. I'm really happy that you thought of me!"
    • Favorite Gift: "An herb salad for my birthday.... Thank you! It's the perfect gift!"
  • Multiple Gifts: "Oh, I couldn't take another. Thanks for the thought."
  • You give a tool/rotten item: "Oh, that's something you should keep."
  • Declines a gift: "Oh no, I'm fine. Thank you, though."

Heart Lines

Note: Sherry's heart lines can be seen while speaking to her in her room (second floor of the Mayor's house)

  • Black Heart: "The air here is crisp, and everybody is kind. It's a little small, but I think that it's a really great town!"
  • Purple Heart: "You work so hard every day, ____. Make sure you're getting enough rest!"
  • Blue Heart: "It seems like you're really making a home here. I hope you're planning to stay in this town for a long time, ____."
  • Green Heart: "My father really works had every day. I'm always worried that he's pushing himself too hard."
  • Yellow Heart: "____, you're such a hard worker. I should follow your example. I'm going to work harder!"
  • Orange Heart: "I really love to cook. The next time I make something, you should try it, _____."
  • Red Heart: "___, I'm glad that you came here. We've become such great friends!"


  • Before a festival: "Father works so hard for every festival!"
  • You lose: "Don't let it get you down!"
  • You win: "Congratulations! Now you've got a title to defend!"

Flower Festival:

  • "This is a nice chance to show people you care."
  • When given a flower: "For the flower festival? Thank you."

Harmony Day:

  • Boys give to girls: "A Harmony Day gift? Thank you! I hope you're looking forward to winter's Harmony Day!"

Tea/Wine Festival:

  • "Thank you for today, ____."

Cooking Festival:

  • You don't enter a dish: "___, I want to see you compete!"