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Spring crop seeds can be purchased at Souffle Farm and then after being grown can be sold in Crates. Specific perfect crops already grown can be purchased at Souffle Farm. The Spring Seed Mix provides a variety of crops and flowers.

Type of Crop Growth Re-Grow Buy Seed Buy Perfect Sell* Stamina
Breadfruit 7 days Yes 210G n/a 90G 80G 70G Not raw
Cabbage 6 days No 135G 270G 260G 130G 80G +70
Flax** n/a No n/a n/a n/a
Potato 4 days No 75G n/a 80G 70G 60G Not raw
Strawberry 10 days Yes 600G 435G 290G 220G 130G +40
Turnip 4 days No 60G n/a 70G 60G 50G +50
Spring Seed Mix n/a n/a 150G n/a n/a

*P / G / D = Perfect / Good / Decent

**Flax can only be purchased via Taylor's Seeds, requiring a phone. Taylor arrives 3 seasons after completing the first rainbow.

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