64 Stone2

An example of building a fence out of the stones on your farm

64 Stone1

Pete smashing stones on his farm

Stones are an item in Harvest Moon 64.

They are littered all over the player's farm in the beginning of the game. They can be cleared by destroying them with the hammer or (in the case of the small stones) be used as fencing. Please note, that while you can use small stones as fencing materials, it will not protect your livestock from Wild Dogs should you leave them outside overnight.

While the player can't jump over the stones, they never have to be replaced if used as fencing; unlike lumber, which can get weathered down and broken over time.

Stones come in two sizes, small and large. The small stones can be destroyed by one normal strike of the hammer, while large ones require six strikes (three with a silver hammer powered up, and one with a gold hammer powered up).

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