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Seed strawberry
Season(s) Spring
Days in Season 30
Requirements 20,000 Crop Degree points
Replenishable? Yes
Cost 150
Value 64g
S-Rank Value 91g
NPC Value 18g (When sold to Chen)

Strawberries are a Spring crop in Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands.

The player will not be able to plant strawberries until they have achieved 20,000 Crop Degree Points. Although strawberries are fast to replenish, they have a relatively low sell price, and are not the most profitable spring crop.


See crop information for minimum points required for S rank crops.

Sunny - 3 Sun Points Clear - 2 Sun Points Cloudy - 1 Sun Point
Drizzle - 1 Water Point Rainy - 2 Water Points Snowy - 2 Water Points Hurricane - 3 Water Points

The weather effects adds up the day it occurs. Therefore if you plant your seeds while it is rainy outside. It gets +2 water, but +0 sun points since there is no sun during rain. If it meets the minimum requirements, the next day it will switch to the next seed stage. Any extra weather points from the previous seed stage will not carry over.

Your watering can is able to water up to +2 water points, but if upgraded can push to a possible +3 water points. For the most part it is completely unnecessary to have +3 water since most crops only need an average of 3 water points per seed stage. Over watering leads to lower quality crops.

For the greenhouse, the outdoor weather does not affect the crops indoors. Sun points would be controlled by how many sunstones you have on the greenhouse.


Seed Stage

* 4 Days
* 4 to 9 Sun Points
* 4 to 11 Water Points

First Sprout Stage

* 3 Days
* 4 to 9 Sun Points
* 3 to 11 Water Points

Second Sprout Stage

* 2 Days
* 3 to 5 Sun Points
* 2 to 7 Water Points

Mature Stage

* Dies if it receives more than 9 Sun Points and/or 9 Water Points in 10
* Dies if not harvested after 10 days
* When Harvested, returns to beginning of Second Sprout Stage

Spring Crops
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