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Birthday Summer 25
Family Bob and Tim (Grandsons)
Unlock By Shipping one of each ore through the shipping bin.

"A blacksmith. The best in the biz, he seeks ores in the caves."

Tai is a character in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

Tai is the town's blacksmith who will move in after the player has shipped various ores through the shipping bin. He runs a shop in town and will upgrade the player's tools. Bob and Tim are his grandsons, the latter of whom also lives with him.


Gift Preferences
Loved Rare Ore, Eggplant, Special Milk
Liked Ores, Mushroom, Milk, Amethyst, Moonstone, Spinach
Disliked Weeds


Tai: Waves, laughs. "Hi ___, how's it going? Want me to teach you the source of my energy?"
You: Question mark.
Tai: Nod. "Put cabbage, spinach, a bell pepper, and a green herb into a mixer and blend it. It makes grass juice!"
You: Exclamation point.
You: Jump in the air. "I picked up the recipe for grass juice!"
Tai: "It's good for you! I highly recommend it!" Laughs.

Additional Notes

  • Tai looks like the spiky-haired, shady peddler from the SNES game.
  • Tai will be involved in the Lost Child Note, looking for his grandson Tim.

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