Harvest moon animal parade conceptart QGLZ0
Birthday Summer 19
Family Ruth (Mother)

Craig (Father)
Anissa (Sister)

Appearances ToT, AP

Taylor is a young boy who runs a phone-accessible seed store in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. He sells a lot of seeds and fertilizers you won't find anywhere else, as well as non-seasonal seeds, unlike Souffle Farm. He is not one of the characters that originally live on the island, but he is an unlockable resident that will return after you complete Daren's Rainbow. He is usually walking around Carmel River district by the Town Plot. You have to call him to order you can't just talk to him.


When he returns to Waffle Island, he will start his own telephone order business, selling seeds, saplings, and fertilizer in competition to his parents. You can buy from his store using the telephone and contact him by dialing 881 in your telephone. You can meet him after meeting Julius. By triggering this event, you can order from his shop.

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