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HM64 item tomato
Season(s) Summer
Days to Mature 9
Replenishable? Yes
Days to Replenish 3
Cost 300G
Value 90G

Tomatoes are a summer vegetable available for purchase at Flower Lillia. They are one of three crops that offer multiple harvests per planting. They offer the highest profit out of any crops. However, with the greenhouse extention, corn becomes just as profitable (sells for 120g every 4 days, compaired to tomatoes which sell for 90g every 3 days), it is recomended to grow corn instead for less work


  • Twice Cooked Tomatoes and Greens - Give Tomato to Lillia
  • Tomato Cream Soup - Give Tomato to Zack
  • Tomato Rice - Give Tomato to Sasha
  • Simple Tomato Soup - Give Tomato to Pastor Brown

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