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Turnip (BTN)

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Season(s) Spring
Days to Mature 5
Replenishable? No
Cost 120g
Value 60g

Turnips are one of the five Spring crops you can grow in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.

In the first year, you still have no money at all so you can only plant this crop to have the starter's money. IN the first year, Mayor thomas will visit you and requesting to give him 3 Turnips in the Spring 21 before the day of the Cooking Festival.


Pickled Turnips


Harvest Goddess

Harvest Moon: Back To Nature Crops
Spring: Cabbage  · Cucumber  · Potato  · Strawberry  · Turnip
Summer: Corn  · Onion  · Pineapple  · Pumpkin  · Tomato
Fall: Carrot  · Eggplant  · Green Pepper  · Spinach  · Sweet Potato
Hothouse Only: Orange Cup Fruit

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