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A Turnip as it appears in most games.

Turnips are a Spring crop and usually are the quickest to grow. Turnips are ready for harvest in 4 to 5 days. They need to be replanted after you pick them.  Prices for seeds vary between 120G to 200G and each individual turnip sells for 40G to 60G.

Turnip Prices
Game Buy Seeds For... Each Sells For... Days to Grow...
Harvest Moon (SNES) 200G 60G 4
Harvest Moon (GBC) 120G 60G 5
Harvest Moon 2 (GBC) 120G 40G 5
Harvest Moon 3 (GBC) 120G 40G 5
Back to Nature 120G 60G 4
Harvest Moon 64 200G 60G 4
Harvest Moon DS / Cute 120G 60G 5

Note: The Harvest Moon DS / Cute selling price refers to a level 1 crop.

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