"___, are you working hard?"

"Come on in. Make yourself comfortable."


Male Version

  • "If you run out of seeds, we can sell you some!"
  • "You are raising crops too, right? It's tough in a crowded market, huh? I'm working hard, so you should too!"
  • "Aah, I am tired! To raise good crops, you need to keep a good eye on them! You especially need to make sure they get enough water!"
  • "Ha ha ha! Don't hold back so much!"
  • "Hahahaha. Come on, no need to be shy."
  • "Whew, I'm busy."
  • "To grow good crops, you should check on them every day."
  • In winter: "It takes some work so they survive this season! This is all to make sure the fields survive the winter!"
  • When shown the Blue Feather: "It's a Blue Feather! Are you going to propose? Good luck!"
  • When shown your cat/dog: "Oh, that is cute! I love animals."

Heading to town:

  • "I will ship these to town. My veggies are very popular!"
  • "I sold a lot today. Going to town was worth while."

Female Version

  • "It's tough in a crowded market, huh? I'm working hard, so you should too!"
  • "We deliver fresh vegetables. We won't be beaten by the others."
  • Going to town: "Time to make a delivery to town. They really like our vegetables."
  • During winter: "This is for the sake of my precious field. I'll do my best to get through the winter."
  • When shown your cat/dog: "Wow! How cute! I love animals."
  • When shown the Blue Feather: "That's a Blue Feather. Oh, are you going to propose? Good luck."


Male Version

  • Loved: "Can I really have this? Thank you!"
  • Disliked: "I'm really... Um, not too fond of this. Don't give this to me anymore."
  • Hated: "This is a really mean gift!"
  • Birthday Gift: "Wow, you remembered my birthday! Thank you!"
  • When given jewelry: "Wow! Uh... is this really okay? I will treasure it!"
  • When given an accessory: "Will it look good on an old lady like myself? Well, how does it look? Thank you!"
  • When given perfume: "Perfume? Well, if you are giving it to me, I'll keep it. Thank you."

Female Version

  • Loved Gift: "Are you sure I can have this? Thank you."
  • Liked Gift: "Is this for me? Thank you."
  • Disliked: "I don't really like this much. Don't give it to me anymore."
  • Hated: "You're too naughty for your age!"
  • Birthday Gift: "You knew when my birthday was! Thank you."
  • When given jewelry: "Oh, my! A-are you sure? I'll treasure it."
  • When given accessories: "I wonder if it'd suit an older woman like me? Does it suit me? Okay, I'll take it."
  • When given perfume: "Oh, perfume. Well, if it's for me, I'll take it."


Beach Opening: 

  • (male version): "I also contributed some vegetables from my farm. Please eat your fill."
  • (male version): "I was glad that I contributed my vegetables. They came out so swell."
  • (female version): "I provided some vegetables from my place too. Eat up!"
  • (female version): "I'm glad I gave Kai some vegetables. They really brought out the flavor!"

Harvest Festival:

  • (male version): "How nice that you came. Did you bring ingredients? We brought a lot of fresh vegetables. Prepare to enjoy."
  • (female version): "I'm glad you came. Did you bring some food? I brought some fresh vegetables. I hope everyone enjoys them."
  • (male version): "That was delicious, hmmm? Weren't our vegetables great?"
  • (female version): "That was delicious. My vegetables were good, eh?"

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