Player can interact with the wild animals in Story of Seasons. Items in bold are the animals' favorite items and will net you more friend points if you give these items to them. Once a friendship reaches a high enough level the animal will give the player a gift.

Mountain Area

Name Location Season Gifts Time Unlock Photo
White Rabbit Forest area All year round potatoes, tomatoes, Carrots, Fodder 6:00 - sunset From the beginning
Black Rabbit From spring to autumn Carrots, Fodder 13:00 - sunset
Panda Forest area All year round Sweet Potato, Bamboo 13:00 - sunset After the monkey,  from the Silk Country
Sparrow Foot of a mountain All year round Soybean, Corn, Wheat 6:00 - sunset From the beginning
 Dark Brown Sparrow Corn Befriend Sparrow
Ermine From spring to autumn Eggs, Gold Eggs 6:00 - sunset
White Ermine Autumn-winter Gold Eggs Befriend Ermine
Fox Riverside ranch All year round Cucumber 6:00 - sunset Wheat Country
White Fox Autumn-winter
Sweet Potato
Tanuki 6:00 - sunset
Black Tanuki From spring to summer Befriend Tanuki


Name Location


Time Unlock Photo
Turtle Safari right Fish, Shellfish 6:00 - sunset Unlocked from the Start
Duck Safari right Radish, Carrot 6:00 - sunset Unlocked from the Start
Monkey Safari right (Daiki) Strawberries, corn, carrot, sweet potato 6:00 - sunset Become a loyal customers to the Silk Country and create a "Taiki"
Light Brown Monkey Fruit Befrind Monkey
Shoebill Safari right Catfish, Fish 13:00 - sunset Get from Silk County
Mallard Safari right Potatoes, sweet potato, carrot, eggplant, cabbage, cucumber, corn, soybeans 6:00 - sunset Become a loyal customer with Cabin Country
Wild boar Safari left Sweet Potato, Carrot, Radish Turnip, Truffle, Eggs, Bamboo shoots 6:00 - sunset become loyal customers with Sakura Country
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Black Boar Sweet potato, bamboo shoots Befriend a wild boar
Brown Bear Safari left (Crag) Sweet Potato, Honey, salmon Bee Pollen 6:00 - sunset To create a "rocky" Become a loyal customers to Wheat Country
Black Bear Honey Befrind Bear
Parrot Safari right (Daiki) Corn 6:00 - sunset Become a loyal customers to Tropical Country to create a "Taiki"
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Blue Parrot Corn Befriend Parrot
Yellow Parrot Corn Befriend Blue Parrot
Bellows sifaka Safari right Eggplant 6:00 - sunset After parrot get, from Tropical Country
Polar Bear Safari right (iceberg) Tuna 13:00 - sunset ecome a loyal customers to Ice Country and create a "iceberg"
Penguin Safari right (iceberg) Sardine 6:00 - sunset After Polar bear is available, from the Ice Country




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