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Will (ウィル Wiru) is a character in Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands. He is one of the eligible bachelors to court.

His full name is William Terry Louis Andrew Carrick Jonathan Dredge Hams Redding Roger Southwark Alnwick Plymouth Junior Regison III (ウィリアム・テリー・リュース・アンドリュー・キャリック・ジョナサン・トリッジ・ハムズ・レディング・ロジャー・サザク・アニック・プリマス・ジュニア・ダルシャニアック三世 Wiriamu Terī Ryūsu Andoryū Kyarikku Jonasan Torijji Hamuzu Redingu Rojā Sazaku Anikku Purimasu Junia Darushaniakku sansei, lit. William Terry Louis Andrew Carrick Jonathan Dredge Redding Roger Southwark Alnwick Plymouth Junior Darshaniack the third).

Will is from a rich family, and is related to Regis and Sabrina. Being catered to throughout his life, his parents sent him into the world to gain life experience. He was raised to be a proper gentlemen, and often refers to the main female player as "my lady," and is very proper and polite. Although he comes from a wealthy family, he prefers simple items that are easy to find, such as flowers.

He is unlocked by raising Volcano Island. Once it's raised, he arrives galloping in on his white horse (named Arthur). Although he is on the island to visit his uncle and cousin, he will live on his yacht, which is docked at the pier of Sprout Island.

Like Lily, he is a marriage candidate added in Sunshine Islands. Lily becomes your rival for Will's affection.


Gift Preferences
Favorited Firefly Flower
Loved Blue Magic Flower, Moondrop Flower, Pinkcat Flower, Red Magic Flower, Toy Flower
Liked Apple, Banana, Bell Pepper, Black Herb, Blue Herb, Blueberry, Buckwheat, Butter, Cabbage, Carrot, Cheese, Corn, Cucumber, Edamame, Egg, Eggplant, Fish (L), Fish (M), Fish (S), Grape, Green Herb, Indigo Herb, Jersey Milk, Mayonnaise, Milk, Mushroom, Mushroom Cluster, Onion, Orange, Orange Herb, Peach, Potato, Pumpkin, Purple Herb, Red Herb, Rice, Seaweed, Strawberry, Soybeans, Spinach, Superb Butter, Superb Cheese, Superb Egg, Superb Mayonnaise, Superb Yogurt, Tomato, Turnip, Twin Herb, Wheat, White Herb, Yam, Yellow Herb, Yogurt
Disliked 10,000 G Ticket, Alexandrite, Fish Fossil, Mythic Ore, Pink Diamond, Pirate Treasure
Hated Dairy Natto, Fish Natto, Gem Natto, Mix Natto, Mochi Mix Natto, Natto, Red Flower Mix Natto
Horror 1 Million G Ticket

Heart Events

Purple Heart Event

W purle heart

Purple Heart Event

Will's Trouble

  • Walk from Ranch Island to Verdure Island
  • Sunny or Cloudy day: 8:00 am to 11:00 am
  • Will at a purple heart color or above

As you are walking into town from your farm, Will walks into you. He apologizes and asks if you're okay.

It's all right (Positive)

He's happy that you're okay. He appologizes and says that his mind was elsewhere. He says that he was thinking that time on the island feels like it's going by so much slower that anywhere else he's been and he was wondering why. Chelsea says it's because it's so peaceful and he agrees since everyone seems to be kind to each other. He says he's glad that he was able to speak with you. He says he'd like to look around more, and leaves.

It's not all right (Negative)

He feels bad for hurting a woman and says that he'll walk you back home. At your home, he says that though he didn't hurt you badly, he's terribly sorry. After that, he leaves angrily.

Blue Heart Event

W blue heeart

Blue Heart Event

Will's Invitation

  • Walk into the cabin of Will's boat
  • Rainy day: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • Will at a blue heart color or above
  • You have seen Purple Heart Event

Will is glad that you have stopped by to visit him on this rainy (or snowy) day, but he was just on his way out the door; Regis had invited Will to his house. Will thinks for a moment and asks if you would like to go with him to the mansion. You are reluctant to intrude, but Will insists that Regis and Sabrina would like to see you too.

I'll go (Positive)

You accompany Will to his uncle's house, where Regis and Sabrina are cooking some food to eat. Regis tells "William" that the food is almost ready, and notices that you've come along with his nephew. He is glad that you've come to eat as well. Sabrina says that her father's soup is really good.

You will return back to your farmhouse when the event is over, and your Fullness bar will be filled.

I'll pass this time around. (Negative)

Will is shocked because he has never been turned down by a maiden before! He must head out to his visit with his uncle and so he leaves you behind.

Green Heart Event

W green Heart

Green Heart Event

Will and Arthur

  • Take Kirk's boat from any island to Verdure Island
  • Sunny day: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Will at a green heart color or above
  • You have seen Blue Heart Event

As you are exiting the boat, you hear a horse off in the distance. It turns out to be Will, riding his white stallion along the beach. Will dismounts as he rides up to you and introduces you to his horse, Arthur. You and Arthur met once before, when you first met Will. The horse seems happy to see you again.

Will explains that he did originally send Arthur back home after you first met, but then he received a letter from his parents, saying that Arthur was lonely without him. Will can't go home yet so he had Arthur sent to the island.

You get along so well! (Positive)

The two of them have been together since Will was born, and the two of them have never been apart. Unfortunately Arthur couldn't stay on the island; doing this journey was meaningful because Will was doing it alone. He apologizes to his horse for leaving him behind.

You don't think that's the case at all. It seems Arthur was just worried about Will, and not necessarily lonely. Will is glad that the horse was simply worried, and thanks him for the concern. Will thanks you as well because you were able to understand what Arthur was trying to tell him.

The two of them gallop away so Will can spend some time alone with his horse, telling him stories about his live on the island.

Sounds like a pain... (Negative)

Will doesn't see it that way! He and Arthur have been together since Will was born. Will is annoyed at you, and rides off on his horse. Yellow Heart Event

W yellow Heart

Yellow Heart Event

Out with Will

  • Walk into your farm house
  • Sunny day: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Not on Cloudy days
  • Will at a yellow heart color or above
  • You have seen Green Heart Event

As you go inside your house, Will comes by to check to see if you're home. He wants to hear your voice and invites you to go somewhere.

Sure! (Positive)

Just thinking how you'll spend the day together sends his heart racing. The two of you walk through Verdure Island until you reach the diner. Will has always wanted to go inside, but he didn't want to do it alone. He asks if you would go with him. Of course you will!

Inside the diner, Will comments on how much smaller it is inside than he thought it would be. He had heard that he has to place his own order to get food, and asks you to point him in the right direction. The two of you head over to the counter and Will orders some food.

Back at the table, Will finds his meal to be quite nice. The food is delicious and the spices are tantalizing, although the most amazing spice is simply being with you.

Will thanks you for going out with him today. You will return to your farm house at 6:00 pm.

No thanks. (Negative)

That's too bad. Will sadly leaves.

Heart Lines

  • 10 (Girl): I can say this with confidence: You are my raison d'être.

Rival Heart Events

Black Rival Heart Event

L black rival

Black Rival Heart Event

  • Walk from Verdure Island to Sprout Island
  • Rainy day: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
  • Year 2 or later
  • Lily or Will at a black heart color OR you are married

Will greets Lily as she leaves the hotel, but Lily doesn't know who he is. She does see him from time to time, and asks how he knows her name. Will tells her that he had heard rumors of a beautiful maiden staying at the inn. Well, Lily does think the innkeeper is gorgeous, but that doesn't explain how he knows her name.

Will tries to flatter her some more by calling her the fairest maiden on the islands, which puzzles her a little bit. She thinks he's odd but she likes him none the less! Will finally introduces himself, and tells her that it is like a dream to have someone like her remember his name.

Green Rival Heart Event

L green rival

Green Rival Heart Event

  • Volcano island
  • Sunny or Cloudy day: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • Year 3 or later
  • Lily or Will at half-way through a green heart color (35,000 points max) or less OR you are married.

Lily is minding her business when Will comes up to say hi. He thought it would be rude to not say something, and asks what she was doing on the island. Lily is looking for treasure, and Volcano Island definitely has its share of it. She would also like to have the ore that Will has heard is in abundance in the mine, but she is really after the treasure that must be hidden somewhere. Lily doesn't care how much danger she has to go through to find it!

Will is a little upset that she's so willing to put herself in harm's way. Lily explains that she's aware of the danger and she can't be a treasure hunter if she's always afraid of every little thing. Will tells her that he would be very sad if anything was to happen to her, because she is precious to him and is one of his few friends. Lily thinks he is a little weird for thinking that way, but she likes him none the less. She promises not to do anything dangerous.

Orange Rival Heart Event

  • Walk onto Will's yacht
  • Rainy or Snowy day: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
  • You have received Lily's Sun Stone
  • Lily or Will at an orange heart color or less OR you are married

Will has brought Lily to his boat because he wanted to talk to her. His father told him to go out into the world to experience life so he came to this island. Instead, he found someone he wants to share the rest of his life with. Lily is confused and does not respond, and so Will apologizes for his sudden story. On the other hand, he can't contain his affection any longer.

Lily thinks to herself for a long time, and finally tells him that she doesn't quite understand his speach; Will always speaks with difficult words. She does understand that Will has been thinking of her, but if he speaks more clearly she might be able to understand.

It is difficult for Will to tell her what he feels in a single word. He finally decides to ask her to marry him, which Lily clearly understands.

Random Events

A Test of Character

Test of character

A Test of Character

  • The cabin of Will's yacht
  • Sunny or Cloudy day: 6:00 am to 8:00 am, 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm
  • Rainy day: 6:00 am to 1:00 pm, 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm
  • You are playing as a male character
  • Will is not married
  • Will, Regis, and Sabrina are at 6 hearts (35,000 FP) or higher

Regis and Sabrina are visiting Will on board of his ship. Will explains that his father, who treasured the boat, gave it to him before he left. Will has been all over the world in this ship, and has seen some incredible things.

Regis pauses for a moment and then asks Will if he feels it is time to return home. The millionaire feels that Will has spent enough time vacationing and being lazy, and it's time for him to return home to do an honest day's worth of work. Sabrina gets mad at her father, but Will calms her down.

Will asks Regis if he got that idea from his father. Will is perfectly aware that his travels will have to end some day, but he's grown and learned a lot from all of the places he's visited. Even so, Will feels that he's still missing something, but he expects to find it on these islands. Only after he finds this missing piece will his journey be complete.

Regis understands the purpose of Will's travels, and he explains that he was just testing his nephew. He's glad to know that Will's adventures are to help him become a man.