• "Oh, it's just _____..."
  • "Thank you for coming."
  • "___... is something the matter?"
  • "___, welcome. Stay awhile."
  • "What? Oh, it's ___..."
  • "___. Come on in."


Male Version

  • "___, you're working hard."
  • "____, I'll watch over you, so you can work without worrying."
  • "I'm busy right now. Can it wait until later?"
  • Rejected proposal with the Blue Feather: "Well... I'm not interested."
  • When shown your dog: "Don't bring THAT in here!"
  • When shown your cat: "I like these children because they can be used for anything. Heh, heh, heh heh."

Female Version

  • "Nice to see you."
  • "You're working hard, aren't you, ___?"
  • When shown the Blue Feather: "Oh. You're gonna propose to some boy? Whatever. Marriage is so lame."
  • When shown your cat: "I like these little ones, you can use them for all sorts of things. Eheheh."
  • When shown your dog: "Don't bring that in here!"
  • After you are married: "Marriage? I've lived a long time, so I never thought I'd want to."


Male Version

  • Favorite: "Wow! It's Rainbow Curry, isn't it!! Thank you."
  • Loved: "I was just thinking how I wanted to have some. Way to go."
  • Liked: "You're thoughtful. Thank you."
  • Hated: "Ugh..... I'll throw it out later..."
  • Horror: "I hate this the most! I'll use it in my tonics."
  • When given jewlery: "I have a choker of skulls so... maybe I'll experiment with it."
  • When given perfume: "You can use ingredients. I can use it for new tonics. Thank you."
  • When given a birthday gift (while married): "Th--thank you. I'm very happy to receive a birthday present from you."

Female Version

  • Loved: "I was just thinking of getting of these. I knew you'd do it."
  • Liked: "You're so considerate. Thanks."
  • Disliked: "How lame... I guess I'll just have to take it."
  • Hated: "Ugh... I'll throw it away later."
  • Horror: "I hate this the most! I'll make a potion out of this!"
  • Birthday Gift: "Th-thank you. It's my birthday today."
  • When given jewlery/accessories: "I already had a skull necklace.. Maybe I'll use it in an experiment."
  • When given facial pack/lotion: "Hmm.. I don't think I'll use that. Maybe I'll use it in an experiment."

Heart Lines

  • Black Heart: "I'm busy right now. Can you come back later?"
  • Purple Heart: "Well... I'm bored..."

Marriage Lines

Proposal: "Oh, let's go to your house, ____. Yes, I'll marry you. Sure. It looks like I don't have to make any more Love Tonic. I found this wonderful person. Well, there is a lot to prepare so I'm going home. Let's have the ceremony in about a week."

Before wedding:

  • "Well, I didn't think I"d get married to you, ___."
  • "I beat the Harvest Goddess! I was able to make you my husband of course!"



Thomas: "It is my honor to preside over this wedding! Getting married to a witch is a bit shady! And now I will ask the bride. Do you promise to love him as long as you live?"

Witch Princess: "Yes I do. ♥"

Thomas: "Wonderful. And now I will ask the groom. Promise to love Witch Princess as long as you live?"

Witch Princess: "Let's be happy. ♥"

Thomas: "I now pronounce you married."

Witch Princess: "Well, in commemoration I'll toll the wedding bells. Here we go."

Picking nicknames: "Let's change how I call you now that we're married? Well, what should I call you __? Oh no. I like ___ better. Well then, let's stick with ___."

After marriage:

  • "Good morning.♥ ___."
  • "Everyday has been fun since I got here."
  • "Yes... I'm not a good cook..."
  • "Making food with my magic would be dull... I must do my best to cook."
  • "Good night. ___♥"
  • "Have a good rest and do your best work tomorrow."


Witch finds out she's pregnant

Witch Princess: "Ohh.. I'm tired. The tonic I made doesn't work... ___, I'm reluctant, but will you take me to the doctor's? ___, thank you. What is it?"

Hardy: "No need to worry. You're not sick. It's a blessed event! Congratulations, Witch Princess!"

Witch Princess: "T-thank you. It seems I'm pregnant. I can't believe it... I have so many preparations to make. _____... Help."

During pregnancy:

  • "I'm happy that I'll have a successor."
  • "What a surprise... I'm pregnant!"
  • "I...I don't feel well... I can't even prepare tonics..."
  • "Yes.. Being a mother is hard..."
  • "The baby's growing. If it's a girl, I'm gonna make her a witch."
  • "If it's a boy.. let's have him be your successor, ___."
  • "The baby will be born soon. I'm a little anxious. So please stay home tomorrow for that reason."

Giving Birth:

Baby is born

Witch Princess: "Oh, it hurts!!!"

Nina: "Just a little more."

Hardy: "Try hard."

Witch Princess: "Uukyaaaa. ____~."

Hardy: "I've been at this many years, but birth always amazes me."

Nina: "It's a healthy baby boy. Hurry and give witch Princess her reward for working hard."

Witch Princess: "How about it? You're the successor to my grand bloodline. It's too bad it wasn't a girl, though... That's okay. Will you name the child? ____... That's a cool name. Starting now, I'm going to teach you many things. Tee hee hee hee..."

Comments about your son:

  • "It's too bad it wasn't a girl."
  • "But he's my child so I think he has magical powers."

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