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Birthday Winter 19
Unlock By Spring 2 (Year 1)
Appearances BTN, FoMT

Won is a character in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature.

Won is a wandering salesman who loves money and tends to swindle customers. On day two on the player's farm, Harris informs the player of a suspicious man who wears yellow clothing, sunglasses and holds a black bag. Harris then leaves. As soon as Harris leaves, Won appears mumbling to himself and spots the player, asking if them can rest for awhile on their land.

The player can then trigger two more events by going to the appropriate locations.

  • If the player goes to Rose Square, they will spot Harris who seems to be looking for Won. If the player talks to him they will describe Won and inform Harris that Won is on their farm. Harris then rushes over to the player's farm. Once again Won appears just as Harris leaves and greet the player once again.
  • The player should then go to Gotz's house, there they will find Harris stumped on Won's whereabouts again. Should the player talk to Harris again they will then inform Harris that Won is at Rose Square. Harris again leaves for Rose Square. Won once more appears right after Harris disappears and then greets the player again, mumbling how tired he is. After Won has finished talking, Harris reveals he did not leave but was waiting for Won to appear, he then apprehends him and inspects his bag. Revealing nothing whatsoever Harris feels guilty and states he should buy something from Won, Won offers his infamous SUGDW apple for $500. The player and Harris both go silent and stare at Won, who then starts chuckling saying he was just joking, leaving Harris skeptical whether he should take Won in or not.

Sometimes, Won may come to your farm to sell you special items, such as the dog Ball, Vase, and Blue Feather. By skipping the 3rd day of the 1st spring altogether, Won will show up the next morning (if it isn't raining) to sell his infamous SUGDW Apple (stands for Super Ultra Great Delicious Wonderful).

Won's Shop

Won's Shop is open from 1:00pm to 3:00pm at the Inn. He sells a variety of unique seeds.


For the other seed vendor, see Supermarket.
For information on Crops, see Crops (BTN).

Spring seeds

Item Cost Notes
Cabbage seeds 500G
Toy Flower seeds 400G
Moondrop seeds 300G Becomes available after Karen's Blue Heart Event.[1]

Summer seeds

Item Cost Notes
Pineapple seeds 1000G
Pink Cat seeds 300G

Fall seeds

Item Cost Notes
Green pepper seeds 150G
Magic Red seeds 600G

Hothouse-exclusive seeds

Item Cost Notes
Orange Cup seeds 1000G Can only sow these in the Hothouse.
Creates invisible plants when planted outside (must be watered like normal).


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