Wonderfuls are colorful stones found when breaking crystals in the Ganache Mine and the Gelato Mine.  Wonderfuls have a chance of being refined into a gem when taken to Mira at Ramsey the Blacksmith's.


All wonderfuls show up as a colored ball the same color as the crystal it appeared from.  A wonderful can be red, yellow, green, blue, purple, or white.  The color of the wonderful determines what gem may be obtained from it, as does the quality.  The quality of the wonderful is determined by how many stars the wonderful has when viewed in the Equip menu or the Rucksack menu.  The more stars, the better the quality.


Refined wonderfuls turn into either a gem or a glass bead, depending on its quality.  Wonderfuls with no stars will usually refine to glass, wonderfuls with 1 star will usually refine to the low-quality gem of its color, wonderfuls with 2 stars will usually refine to the medium-quality gem of its color, while 3 star wonderfuls will usually refine to the high-quality gem of its color. 

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