Below are a list of several quotes said by Woody during the course of the game Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland.


  • Introductory Line: "...Who are you? What do you want? ...Oh, you're his grandson. It's too late to come and live here. You see this town might become history pretty soon."
  • "Hey there, good morning."
  • "Hey there, kid! Good morning!"
  • "Hey, what's going on? Be careful not to slip and fall."

Parting Lines

  • "Have a safe walk home."
  • "Making sure to rest well is also a part of your job."
  • "The days almost over. I hope tomorrow will be another good day."

General Quotes

  • "You've got to keep your body in shape."
  • "Do you understand how important it is to routinely do the same thing each day?"

"You should be aware of how much work your body can handle."

  • "Gwen is actually very sweet once you get to know her. I can't tell you exactly in what way that is, but..."
  • "Gwen's been depressed lately... It's unusual for her."
  • "Skill and luck may vary, but experience that you've built up will never change. I've been a carpenter for fifty years, so I know."
  • "Just keep on doing the same thing. That experience will give you confidence."
  • "Fifty years have passed so quickly for me. When you become my age, it's good to look back. But young people like you should only look forward."
  • After Animal Death: "...You should think hard about what you did wrong."



  • "What, you've got a leaky roof? I can only do repairs when it's nice out, sorry."
  • "The roof on your house doesn't leak, does it? The sound of dripping rain could drive you nuts."
  • "It's best not to work too hard when it's raining."


  • "What a horrible sound... I hate the sound of the wind blowing. It makes me nervous..."
  • "What do you need on a day like this? Your house won't be blown away by this storm, so don't worry."
  • "What are you doing out here on a day like this? Are you worried about Gwen? She's fine. You should worry more about yourself. Be careful on your way home."

Dry Season:

  • "You really start to appreciate water once the dry season hits, if you know what I mean."

Gift Reactions

  • "Thanks a lot."
  • Cooked Dishes: "Hmm, not bad... you might be better than Gwen."
  • Ore: "You're giving this to me? You could've sold it. ...Thanks."
  • Gems: "Hey, that's a rare mineral. You're giving it to me? Thanks."
  • Sweets: "I'm not too keen on sweets. You should give them to Gwen."
  • Flowers: "What am I going to do with flowers?"
  • Weeds and Fodder: "What's that? I don't want it."
  • Herbs: "This'll relieve your tiredness. Just a little, though."
  • Berries: "Gwen likes this."
  • Golden Milk: "This is too good for me... I thinnk I'll give it to Gwen."
  • Failed Dishes: "What's this? I don't want it."
  • Multiple Dishes: "You shouldn't have."

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