The Young Men refer to a group of NPC's in Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness.

They must be unlocked before they will move onto the island. They are considered as 'sub villagers'.


Luke will move his Diner restaurant into E.Town when you have enough sub-villagers. He will expand his Diner when you have 25 or more sub-villagers.

Unlock: Have 10 or more sub-villagers

Likes: Can not give gifts

Dislikes Can not give gifts



He and his wife Vanessa run the Island Hotel in E.Town

Unlock: Have 15 or more sub-villagers

Likes: Turnip, Corn, Tomato, Shiitake, Toy Flower, Junk Ore, Weeds, Blue Grass

Dislikes: Potato, Eggplant, Carrot, Milk, Fodder, Red Grass, Yellow Grass, Fish (M)


A huge fan of Lanna's, he hangs out southwest of the diner after 6pm.

Unlock: Unlock Lanna

Likes: Carrot, Eggplant, Egg, Red Grass, Green Grass Junk Ore, Lumber, Fish (S)

Dislikes: Potato, Turnip, Tomato, Corn, Fodder, Milk, Weeds, Toadstool


He likes to hang out near Chen's shop, and will move to the Original Inn at 6pm if you have it expanded.

Unlock: Hire Gannon to Upgrade Road from Ranch

Likes: Potato, Carrot, Turnip, Eggs, Blue Grass, Green Grass, Red Grass, Orange Grass

Dislikes: Corn, Tomato, Eggplant, Weeds, Milk, Fodder, Fish (L), Bird Feed


He does not appear on the island until 6pm. You can then find him walking the road that runs by Lanna's house and Pierre's house.

Unlock: Hire Gannon to Upgrade Road at Regis'

Likes: Carrot, Tomato, Eggplant, Milk, Egg, Pinkcat Flower, Toy Flower, Lumber

Dislikes: Turnip, Corn, Potato, Weeds, Fodder, Blue Grass, Red Grass, Orange Grass


He hangs out before 6pm in the same spot that Lloyd does. After 6pm he leaves the island until the next day.

Unlock: Hire Gannon to Upgrade Road Cafe/Diner

Likes: Potato, Corn, Carrot, Turnip, Milk, Toy Flower, Fish (S), Fish (M)

Dislikes: Eggplant, Tomato, Fodder, Junk Ore, Weeds, Red Grass, Fish (L), Lumber


This fellow will always be in the bottom-left room at the Island Hotel. He is always there.

Unlock: Unlock 30 or more sub-villagers in order to expand the Island Hotel

Likes: Eggplant, Fodder, Milk, Junk Ore, Weeds, Orange Grass, Red Grass, Egg

Dislikes: Tomato, Corn, Potato, Carrot, Turnip, Blue Grass, Green Grass, Yellow Grass

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