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After you get married, you can add on to your family by having children. Animal Parade allows you to have two children total, and you're able to choose the gender of both of your children. Each child will have their own look and personality, which is based on your spouse.

To have children, you must have a level 3 house or bigger, and have your spouse at the appropriate heart level. Regular candidates must have 14 hearts before asking for children. The Witch and Wizard will require 15 hearts before children are a possibility. The Harvest King and Harvest Goddess need 16 hearts before they will consider having children.


Since two children per file are possible in Animal Parade, there are four predetermined "styles" of children. Two for each gender determined on who is born first and second, as first born children have a slightly more mature look compared to their younger sibling.

Your children will always inherit your spouse's hair color and eye color. Hair color will always be a shade darker then your spouse's hair color. You cannot change or alter the color of your child's hair or eyes, but you can dress your children in different clothes if you were looking to alter their appearance a little more.

Personality Types

Your child will have a possibility to have different personalities in game: Quiet, Fiery, Romantic or Scholarly. Personalities change depending on who you've married. Your child's personality will change dialogue, as well as what chores they specialize in. It does not change their appearance, or their likes and dislikes. You will get two choices at each stage of your child's growth, and each choice will reflect their personality one way or another.

Quiet Personality

  • Specializes in egg/silk collecting, milking, and fishing as chores.
  • Harvest Goddess, Witch, Anissa, Candace, Maya, Phoebe, Renee, and Selena can have a child with a quiet personality.
  • Luna and Kathy cannot have a child with a quiet personality.
  • Harvest King, Wizard, Chase, Gill, Jin, Julius, Luke, and Toby all have the capability to have a quiet child.
  • Calvin and Owen cannot have a child with a quiet personality.

Fiery Personality

  • Brushing, mining, and weeding are the best chores for this personality type.
  • Kathy, Luna, Maya, Phoebe, Witch, and Selena will all have the fiery personality option for your children.
  • Anissa, Candace, Harvest Goddess, and Renee cannot have children with a fiery personality.
  • Calvin, Harvest King, Jin, Luke, and Owen can have a child with a fiery personality.
  • Chase, Gill, Julius, Toby and Wizard cannot have a child with a fiery personality.

Scholarly Personality

  • Harvesting, watering, and mining are what this child will excel in.
  • Anissa, Candace, Harvest Goddess, Phoebe, Kathy, Luna, and Renee all have the capability to have children with a scholarly personality.
  • Maya, Selena, and Witch cannot have children with a scholarly personality.
  • Calvin, Chase, Gill, Harvest King, Jin, Julius, Owen, Toby and Wizard can all have children with a scholarly personality.
  • Luke cannot have a child with a scholarly personality.

Romantic Personality

  • Children who have this personality will be best at milking, watering, and foraging.
  • Anissa, Candace, Maya, Kathy, Harvest Goddess, Luna, Maya, Renee, Selena and Witch can have a child with a romantic personality.
  • Phoebe cannot have a child with a romantic personality.
  • Calvin, Chase, Gill, Julius, Luke, Owen, Toby and Wizard can have children with a romantic personality.
  • Jin and the Harvest King cannot have children with a romantic personality.

First Child

If you've met the requirements, your spouse will ask you if you've thought about having children. This will automatically happen when you wake up in the morning. If you say yes, they will then ask what gender you'd prefer. If you choose the gender, that is the gender of child you will end up getting. If it doesn't matter to you, you can let your spouse pick a gender at random. Not letting them choose the gender doesn't lower their heart points.

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Phoebe's Pregnancy Wish"

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Phoebe's Pregnancy Wish"

If you choose to say no to their wish for a child, you will lose affection gradually. Until you say yes, your spouse will keep asking, regardless of how many times you say no. If you do not want children, keep saying no, or lower your spouse's affection below 14 hearts. Since there is no divorce in Harvest Moon, a lower affection is no cause for concern.

Keep an eye on the calendar if you've said yes to their request. In 14 days from the day that they asked about having kids, you will see an event on your calendar. This will be the date that's set for the birth of your child.


On the due date, you will wake up in the morning to you (or your wife) experiencing labor pains. You will be automatically transported to the Clinic.

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "First Born Son! (Stormy)"

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "First Born Son! (Stormy)"

Irene will help deliver your child, and asks that you/your husband wait outside. Eventually, your child will be brought into the world! After finding out what gender your child is, you will be asked to give her/him a name. Irene is also kind enough to send a baby crib and child care book to your home!

Normally, your baby will be delivered by Irene, but this rule does not apply to the Harvest King or the Harvest Goddess. If you chose to marry one of the celestial beings, they will do the delivering themselves at your home. The Harvest King will help you deliver (if you're playing as a female), and the Harvest Goddess will deliver her own child if you're playing as a male. Because they won't be around to help you raise your children, they are kind enough to leave you with a crib.

Second Child

Once your first child has grown up, you're now ready to expand your family once again and have a second child! The circumstances and requirements for the first child are the same for a second child to appear in your game. Your first child must be grown before your spouse will ask for another child. You do not need to expand your house. Both children will stay in the same bedroom, so don't fret!
Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Wizard's Second Child Wish"

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Wizard's Second Child Wish"

There is a max of two children allowed in game, so choose wisely! You will be given the choice for a prefered gender again, and the due date is set to 14 days after this initial event takes place. The dialogue and circumstances for a second child opposed to a first are very similar.

If you say no to your spouse's request for a child, you will get similar consequences to that of your first child. Your spouse will keep asking if they have 14 hearts or more each morning when you wake up. Constantly denying them will cause their heart level to drop. If you do not want a second child, keep your spouse under 14 hearts, or keep denying them.


14 days after the event for a second child wish, you (or your wife) will once again be in labor. The dialogue of this event and the last is almost identical. You will be transported automatically to the Clinic where your child will be born.

You will prompted to name your new child, and will be given the same set of choices that were offered last time. Since the crib from your first child disappears automatically after your first child grows up, Irene kindly sends us another for this new baby. Books cannot be sold, so the childcare book she sent with the first child will still be in your home.

Like with your first child, your spouse's hair color and eye color will be inherited. However, you will not get an identical looking child (especially if they are opposite genders). See above for the "styles" of younger children for both genders.

Now that your first child has a younger brother/sister, you may get dialogue about their thoughts on the new baby when you talk to them. They will also appears in cut scenes of the baby stages for your second child growing up.

Child's Stages

As your children grow, they will enter different stages. It takes two full seasons for a child to grow, and there a total of 5 stages: newborn, crawling, walking, talking, and fully grown. Once they are grown, there will be no more stages, and they will stay as they are for the rest of the game. Each stage will have it's own cut scene, as well as a choice to be made which will determine your child's personality.

Newborn Stage

As a newborn baby, your interaction with your child will be very limited. When your child is first born, you will be offered a choice to make as to what you think personality your child will have. Answering with the first option will lead towards a Fiery or Scholarly personality. If you answer with the second option, it will result in a Quiet or Romantic personality.

Baby is born

Once you bring your child home, they will stay in their crib. You can interact with your child if you have a rattle. Use the rattle when they are crying, or if you want to play with them. You will also be able to pick your child up and take them out of the crib for a short while. You can walk with your child, and show him/her to other villagers if you want to get reactions out of them. You are not able to put your child down while they are in your arms, and they are only able to go back into their crib.

Spending time with your child is key, because you cannot give your child gifts at this stage to increase their heart points. The newborn stage lasts for 2 weeks. Your baby will remain wrapped in a blue blanket, regardless of the gender.

Crawling Stage

Two weeks after your child is born, they will enter a new stage of their life. Although still confined to a crib, there are some noticeable changes. The first is that they are much bigger now, and have a cute new look!

Baby boys will be wearing a green jumper with a cat hat. All boys will wear this, regardless of who you've married. Their hair color and eye color will be more apparent, and this will depend on your spouse. Baby girls will be dressed in an orange jumper and will wear a rabbit hat on their head. All girls will wear this, but their eye and hair color depends on your spouse.

When given a choice to make with this stage, the first option will lead to a Fiery or Scholarly personality type. The second option will lead to a Quiet or Romantic personality. You can still interact with your child by using a rattle to play with him/her, or to sooth if they are crying. You will still be able to pick up your child and take him/her with you if you take them out. You are still unable to give your child gifts. This stage lasts 2 weeks.

Walking Stage

Two weeks after your child starts to crawl, they will start to walk! Changes start to become noticeably slowed at this point in your child's growth.

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Alyxis Starts Walking!"

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Alyxis Starts Walking!"

Your child starts to walk.

Aside from learning to walk, and slowly growing up, nothing signifigant changes. Your child will still be confined to a crib, and the same actions are available with him/her. Their appearance is the same, and will remain the same up until your child grows up.

You will get another personality choice. the first option will result in a Scholarly or Romantic personality type. The second choice will result in a Fiery or Quiet personality type. This is the most recogonizable personality type choice, as it deviates from the regular personality changes. This may be the change that alters your child's personality when they're fully grown.

Talking Stage

The talking stage will be the final stage in your child's growth before they are fully grown. This stage occurs two weeks after the walking stage, and will last two weeks until your child grows up. There are no changes from the walking stage.
Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Stormy (Talking Stage)"

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Stormy (Talking Stage)"

Child starts to talk.

In the Japanese of the game, when your spouse asks what you'd like to be called, you will prompted to pick an option. You can actually choose what your child will call you, whether you like "Mom," or something a little more formal like "Mother." Unfortunately, in the English version this is not an option. Your spouse will ask what you'd prefer to be called, but you don't get to choose. Whatever your child starts to call you when they've grown up is irrechangeable.

Fully Grown

After two full seasons, your child will finally grow up! Like other Harvest Moon games, this is the end of your child stage and they CANNOT grow any older, unlike in real life. His/her "style/model" will be predetermined and will never change. Now that your child is older, you can interact with him/her by giving them presents. You will be able to get events with your child. Unlike other Harvest Moon games, your family can help one with chores.
Child img3

On the day that your child grows up, you will wake up in the morning as your family sets out to go to Simon's. On Child's Day, parents celebrate their children's growth by taking photos. You will get an automatic cut scene of visiting Perry before you take photos at Simon's. The picture will be automatically put into your album, and you can display it in your home. When your second child is born, the same event will happen, but with both children.

When you return home, you are now able to interact with your fully grown child! He/she will no longer sleep in a crib, and Hamilton was kind enough to give you a Child's Bed. Your child will now sleep in the second bedroom of your house. Both children will stay in the same room, and beds cannot be rearranged. You will also be able to dress your child through the dresser. Each gender comes with two default outfits to choose from, and additional clothing can be purchased from Sonata Tailoring. There are clothes for each gender. Different genders will wear different clothing, and clothing cannot be worn as a unisex outfit.

Depending on your child's personality type, you may want to get them to help you with chores. Just like with a spouse, you must ask for help in between 6AM and 7AM if you want them to do chores on that day. Both children will be available to help for chores.



Remember your child's birthday, because you will be expected to celebrate it! On the day that your child's birthday falls on the calender, walking into your home after 6PM will trigger the birthday event. This event happens with both children.

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Happy Birthday! (Child's Birthday)"

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Happy Birthday! (Child's Birthday)"

Celebrating your child's birthday.

Your spouse will be waiting with your child. They both press you with the importance of this day, and ask what day it is. You'll be given a variety of options, so be sure to answer correctly! Knowing the days of your children's birthdays is important, because this event can be confusing with other important events such as your spouse's birthday and your wedding anniversary. Answering incorrectly will make your affection points with your child and spouse drop.

After answering correctly, your spouse and child will both be relieved that you remembered! You're now prompted to give your child a gift. If you don't have a gift in your rucksack, you will lose affection points with both your spouse and child. The event finishes with a lovely birthday dinner.

Missing Child

This event will happen with your oldest child, and they must be at 4 hearts or more. This event only occurs once, and with your oldest child only.

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Missing Child!"

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Missing Child!"

In the morning, your spouse awakes in panic to tell you that your child is missing! They were gone when you woke up in the morning, and they didn't tell anybody where they were going. By night time, your child still hasn't returned which concerns you and your spouse. Your spouse is about to go out looking for your child when they suddenly return! He/she is very upset, because they were lost trying to find their way home! Everybody is relieved.

This event takes all day, and will last until 8PM.

Missing Again

After seeing the first event when your child goes missing at 4 hearts, you can witness another at 8 hearts. This will once again happen with your oldest child, and is an event that takes all day.

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Missing Child (Again)!"

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Missing Child (Again)!"

The situation is very similar to the first time your child has gone missing. Your spouse can't find your child, and has no idea where they could have gone. They're in a panic, especially when your child still doesn't return home in the evening. You both start to wonder where your child has gone, and hope that they aren't hurt.

When your child returns home, your spouse scolds them, and asks why they were out so late! A baby fox got seperated from its mother, so your child was only trying to help reunite the two! They didn't realize how late it was, and didn't mean to worry you! You and your spouse are happy to see that your child has returned home safe!

Child Nurse

At 6 hearts, you can see another event with your oldest child. This happens with your oldest child only, and it will take up an entire day.

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Child Nurse"

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Child Nurse"

When you wake up in the morning, you'll get a cut scene rather then the usual gameplay that normally ensues. Your character is in bed, because they're not feeling well that day. You child is worried and asks how you're feeling. Your spouse will reassure your oldest child, saying that they will take care of you and not to worry! Your child will insist however, that they take care of their sick parent!

Your spouse will let them do so, and your child will then begin to ask you questions as to how you're feeling. When the event ends, your character will finally wake up at 8PM where you will be able to hopefully catch up on the gameplay that you missed during the day.

Child Arguments Part 1

When your younger child is at 4 hearts, you'll awake to find him/her crying inside the house. When you ask what's wrong, he/she'll explain that he/she got into an argument with a rival child. Your spouse will tell him/her that arguing is never a good idea, and that the two kids need to make up.

Child Arguments Part 2

This one triggers when your younger child is at 6 hearts, and is the ending to the first part of Child Arguments. You'll wake up to find the rival kid at your door, wanting to make up with your kid. The rival kid will then ask them if they want to go play. Your child agrees, and the two kids skip off happily.