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"On days like this, it's very soothing to drink warm tea."

Yuzuki (ユヅキ, Yuzuki) is a character in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. He is one of the eligible bachelors to court.

He's a young man who makes metallic ornaments. He has a gentle nature and a friendly air about him. Since he was young, he's used the hot springs to cure his weak body. He likes sweet foods. He can often be found at his place of work.[2]

Yuzuki has a tendency to stay up late when he gets absorbed at his work, which lead to him being a late riser and worrying his grandparents.

History Edit

Yuzuki's parents left him to his grandparents' care when he was a year old without notice because of his weak constitution and apparently they never visited him again thereafter while continuing with their own life, like having another son, whom is 2 years younger than Yuzuki. Yuzuki does not seem mind so much about it though, and he only genuinely thinks of Umekichi and Omiyo as his family.

When he was about 4 years old, Yuzuki met Inari during one of his play sessions outside and they played hide-and-seek together. Yuzuki got in much better health when he was 10.

Yuzuki gets along very well with Hinata and Komari, his childhood friends whom he used to play together with often back in their younger days.

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  1. こんな日は、あたたかいお茶を飲むととてもほっとします。
  2. かざり職人として働く青年。穏やかな性格で、親しみやすい雰囲気を持っている。小さいころから体が弱く、よく湯治に通っていた。甘い食べ物が好き。普段は仕事場にいることが多い。