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Birthday Summer 15
Height  ???
Weight  ???
Family N/A
Event Path N/A
Appearances HoLV

"Foreign merchant who came to Leaf Valley. He is always trading for worthless items, but he makes great accessories "


  • Loves: Grass, Scrap Metal, Failed Dishes, Fodder, Green Herbs
  • Likes: ???
  • Accepts: ???

     As a worldly trader, Zann has encountered many unique items throughout his travels. He comes to the valley in search for something. He loves to receive things that most other villagers would consider to be useless. And if you chat with him for a bit, you'll be sure to figure out his favorite item. During his stay in the valley, he opens a shop that can be found in the plaza. His shop sells a few strange/rare items.

Abandoned Shop

  • Working hours: All day long
  • Day off: N/A
  • Part-time Work: N/A

Abandoned Shop (for sale)

Item Price Event Completed
Golden Potato Treats 300G Tale of the Goldent Potato Seed
Silver Fish Charm 750G Tale of the Silver Fish
Woody's Gift 2500G Rebirth of the True Harvest Festival
Harvest Goddess Goods 98000G The Holy Masterpiece

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